Photos link Lenny Jones to molestation of 3-year-old boy

April 20, 2015
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

The court revoked Lenny Jones’ bail Monday after investigators identified a fourth alleged child molestation victim, a 3-year-old boy.

While searching through files on Jones’ computer, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff investigators found explicit photos of the boy. In addition, deputies discovered photos that corroborate much of the information gathered from the three other alleged victims, according to a press release.

Jones, Arroyo Grande’s 2014 Citizen of the Year, was booked on three additional charges; explicit photos of a child, exploitation of a minor and molesting a child. He was already facing charges of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object, molesting two girls under 14 years of age and one girl under 10 years of age.

The alleged molestations took place while the three girls and the boy were attending a birthday party at Jones’ home in March.

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Is it possible that this obviously very disturbed man was able to commit these egregious acts in part because of the many distractions in our daily life today? Parents are far more distracted by social media, work current events, etc. People no longer know their neighbors, nor do they have support networks that help see to the welfare of the members of the community. This man betrayed a community and has emotionally scarred these children for life. Parents….teach your children well.


Is it possible for this saga to get any more sad, or disturbing?

I hope not, but fear it will.


Who”s birthday party?

Where were the parents ?


That information has not been released.


Four children violated, evidence found on computers to corroborate the stories and a previous incident.

He had attempted to destroy evidence. Hmm, what more evidence do you need?? The D.A. will not make a deal and there will be more evidence.

Rich in MB

Want to bet….oh Dan Dow will plead it….watch and see folks.


Wow what a sick sick person he is. It is not common for a molester to go after both sexes, they normally choose one or the other.

And to do all of the molesting in just one day. He must have been planning and grooming these kids for quite some time.

He will be in court this Thursday at 8:30 in dept 6 if he lives that long.

Jorge Estrada

Sick may imply that a pill or time will be the cure. The reality is that he is not a homo, hetero, gay, lesbian, transgender or who knows what else,,,,, he is a pedophile. He is no more sick than all of the other brands, he just can’t be trusted with your kids.

The real problem is that we use the word sick when they are not.


He may be “ill” but for sure and for certain, he is a sexual predator… He preyed upon our very most vulnerable and weak.

And he preyed upon a 3 year boy, how low can he go? 3 years old, think about that…

Jorge Estrada

He can go on to repeat the same because he was treated not deleted.


Look up the word “sick” and you will find it means many meanings including

“deeply disturbed or distressed” which I do feel apply’s in this situation.

I feel he went damn near as low as you can, yet they always seem to find a way to go lower and more disgusting.

Not only did he molest both sexes, the age range is also very rare among these types of sickos.

I hear he moved all his assets while stepping down from every board ect… Let’s hope he does not claim to be indignant and ask for a public defender. That would be a real kick in the teeth. He put a lot of thought into this heinous act and how to best protect himself in case he gets off.

The line between genius and sociopath is very line indeed.


I have to jump on the how was this even possible band wagon. In no way do I blame the parents, I just wonder what diabolical, premeditated plan he would have had to have for this to even occur.


Horrifying. This man needs to be tortured daily and spend the remainder of his pathetic life in agony so he might understand what he’s done.

This is one of the reasons we always stayed at the party with our children. Parents take heed. There are more of his kind out there.


I hope Parkinson has this individual on suicide watch. I’d hate for SLO County to get hit with yet another lawsuit…

Rich in MB


Isn’t it fitting that the Citizen of the year turns out to be a Child Molester!

Oh the Irony…..



Still think we shouldn’t convict him in the court of public opinion?


And what exactly would you be posting right now if exculpatory evidence had instead been uncovered?


But it wasn’t.


Never had any doubt about his guilt. Wasn’t worried about evidence exonerating him. I voiced my opinion early on and stuck by it. Go look at the other threads.


You still don’t get it. How sad…


I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but from what Ive seen so far, he has spent years grooming most likely everyone around him. He did what he had to do, pretended to be, what ever it was to get what he desires, the chance to get close to children. Mo’s will take as long as they need to, including feigning interest in a woman because shes got children. The fact that his previous troubles were swept under the rug most likely gave him a sense of empowerment, and above reproach. I have a hard time seeing him as someone wronged here. whats that quote? History repeats itself? I would strongly urge anyone who hashad children around him to think about your interactions at the time. My sympathy and support goes out to the families here, for them this goes past an arrest and conviction. I wish you peace.


@ Perspicacious,

While I mildly agree with your sentiment, You have to agree that the more news about this persons actions is pretty much nailing the the last nail in his coffin.

Yes, we do not know all of the details. But CCN is pretty darned good at getting out the truth which is pretty solid given the alternatives.

What we do know is this. God knows. Lenny knows. The children know.

What this man may have done in secret, we do not know for sure. Speculation and opinion is all that we as humans have. But God knows. For those things that are done in secret are well known by He who has created all that exists.

I hope that Lenny will bow before our God and ask for the forgiveness of his sins. And with a broken and repentant heart, mean it.


In the court of LAW, every accused deserves the presumption of innocence. That right doesn’t extend to the court of PUBLIC OPINION. It would be wrong for me to serve on the jury in this case. But, I have the right to express myself and give my opinion. His rights don’t supersede my rights and there is nothing wrong about expressing an opinion.

Mike Byrd

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. This thread has never been about guilt or innocence; it has been about our Constitution and our system of jurisprudence. I honestly can’t understand why someone would be so proud of staking out a position before any facts are known. Ultimately, whether you are right or wrong is irrelevant. A jury that won’t include you will make the proper decision. Then justice will have been done. Until then take note, the “court of public opinion” you seem to adhere to is not mentioned in our Constitution or anywhere else in subsequent statute.

So hold your I-told-you-sos until the verdict is in. That is the decision I will honor because it will be an informed one.


Thank you, Mike, for raising valid, pertinent argument in your comments above.

I’m glad to see those who are fast on the judgment trigger, aren’t getting many

thumbs up, if any at all. This shows a restrain on the majority of those who

still care to get a pulse on the public sentiment of any CCN story.

For a while it seemed the die-hard’s were dominating the comment section with

their tried, and often repeated dogma of anti-government this and that rhetoric.

Get’s really old to read the same people, saying the same thing, about anything over

and over regardless what is featured in these pages.

Thank you for your clarity on what matters most

in this tragedy! Glad you put things in perspective!


But Mr. Byrd, you yourself “staked out a position” back on April 14 when you commented: “… no matter how this turns out, Lenny has contributed much to the people and animals of his hometown.”

Do you honestly still believe that?! Sorry, but ALL of Lenny’s so-called contributions are now null and void. I do not care how much $$ he gave out–trying to make himself look better, no doubt–he’s still a pervert.

“Explicit” photos of a flippin’ THREE YEAR OLD do not lie. Lenny should be very glad his bail was revoked because there are undoubtedly many devastated parents out there who wouldn’t mind if Lenny had an “accident.” Lenny the molester–I don’t say “alleged” because of the PHOTOS–is much safer behind bars.

Mike Byrd

Once an action has occurred it cannot be “null and void.” All the money raised for Woods Humane Society was given to Woods and spent. Events like the annual Turkey Trot will continue to benefit local charities with others at the helm.

That is not staking out a position; it’s a simple matter of fact.


When there is evidence including photographs that some person has committed a despicable, heinous crime against innocents, it does not seem to be the appropriate time to celebrate the financial contributions the (alleged) criminal has made. It is relative and no amount of “good” can erase or even off-set the disgusting acts of Lenny Jones.


Seriously Mike Byrd? Seriously?