Report: SLO County has jobs but lacks quality work

April 6, 2015

slo county signA new report on the state of the local economy indicates that San Luis Obispo County has a higher level of employment than state and national averages, but local jobs tend to offer relatively low pay and little advancement opportunity.

The San Luis Obispo County Workforce Investment Board commissioned Carlsbad-based BW Research Partnership to produce a report analyzing the county’s economic and workforce development in recent years. The report is titled Challenges and Opportunities for the SLO County Workforce Investment Board.

From 2010 to 2014, unemployment in San Luis Obispo County fell from 10 percent to about 5 percent, according to the report. Over that period, statewide unemployment fell from above 12 percent to below 8 percent, and nationwide unemployment fell from about 9.5 percent to about 6 percent.

When compared to state averages, though, wages are lower in the county. The report lists 22 occupational categories, and only four offer higher pay than the statewide average.

Several of the categories, like management positions; computer and mathematical jobs; and arts and media work come with pay well below the state average. The average management position in the county pays $95,989, which is $28,735 less than the state average for that occupational group.

Computer and mathematical jobs in the county pay an average of $68,008, which is $28,735 less than the state average. Arts, design, sports, entertainment and media positions in the county come with an average pay of $44,161, which is $30,291 below the state average.

Additionally, 40 percent of jobs in the county are considered low wage and low skill occupations.

The poverty rate in the county is 15 percent, which is just below the state average. But, the county has a higher percentage of residents ages 18 to 64 who live below the poverty level.

San Luis Obispo County has a cost of living that is slightly above the national average. Housing and rent expenses, however, are about 50 percent above the national average.

The report also notes that the county is a net exporter of jobs. That means more people live inside the county and work outside than live outside the county and work inside it.

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This is the information we need to stop subsidizing tourism and the wine industry, and focus on bringing in high tech and light manufacturing companies.

In a similar study, it was reported that San Luis Obispo weather is typically 70 degrees, windy in the afternoon, and it hasn’t rained much lately..

LOL, I wonder how many thousands of dollars they had to

pay for this study?

To add ” a study of thousands of teens with severe acne, suffer from depression” tell me what I don’t know.

“Exporter of Jobs” give me a break! Another factual way of putting it is, people that work elsewhere and can afford to have a home in this county. A classic example is the VP of a large company that works from home, here, and attends his staff meetings online or air travel to anywhere. I know of a company that has 50 managers living here and most have no local employees that report to them.

Ha ha ha….that would be ME.

My Business is based out of San Diego and I just live here and work online and by phone.

And good for you, I applaud your success.

All of these “organizations” and quasi-governmental entities just seem to scream out: scam the taxpayers via lazy bureaucrats. Who pays for all these people to twiddle their thumbs? How many agencies, organizations and “advocates” do we really need?

Well said.

Now we get to watch various organizations use these statistics to force various people and/or businesses to change in order to make us all the same.

This is all really old news, or rather an update that shows that things haven’t changed.

I couldn’t agree more!! What’s news-worthy about this? Those of us who live and work here trying to eek out a living have known this for years!

The Happiest Place to Live….

I think Mayor Marx should pass an Ordinance about this Income Inequality Crime.

Rich, please don’t give Commissar Marx any ideas.

Instead, she huffs and puffs about head of family jobs, then provides more junk jobs like retail and tourist-serving stuff.