Santa Maria man arrested for molesting children

April 23, 2015
Manuel Ruiz Rios

Manuel Ruiz Rios

A 30-year-old Santa Maria man is accused of molesting at least two children. [KSBY]

Santa Maria police responded to a report of a man inappropriately touching a young child. During the investigation, they identified a second victim.

Officers arrested Manuel Ruiz Rios and charged him with multiple counts of child molestation. Detectives are still investigating the acts Rios allegedly committed.

Police ask that anyone with information about the case contact detectives.



  1. CentralcoastRN says:

    You are all forgetting the child molester glasses. They are all issued the “medi-cal” glasses. Go to Megan’s law and look at all the guys with glasses. It may forever change your style of eyewear….

  2. Stunned says:

    And the molesting continues except this time he’ll be the recipient of some Bubba Time!

  3. Rich in MB says:

    Another Day…..another Child Molester on the Central Coast.
    I guess we are going to have to open a local Chapter of NAMBLA.
    When you can’t make Right/Wrong moral judgements because it offends people….this is what you get….anything goes.

  4. agag1 says:

    Who had any idea there are so many man incapable of having normal adult relationships?

  5. indigo1955 says:

    These demons are everywhere!!!

    • LameCommenter says:

      And they always 99% of the time have the dirtbag goatee chin beard. What’s with that choice in personal grooming for the molesters, something to do with Satan or something?

      • indigo1955 says:

        lol…hey-I am telling you—if we don’t have SOME humor about this; we are going to end up in an existential crisis it is happening so frequently lately. Ask first responders and nurses about “dark humor”.

      • AugstWst says:

        I thought it was a mustache thing. You are either cool like Burt Reynolds or creepy like Chester.

      • TaxMeAgain says:

        Yep. You nailed it. Thank you LameCommenter. For so long this basic fact has eluded us all. Now we can simply round up all of the men with goatee chin beards and kill them and only 1% of child molesters will remain. Thank you for your insightful detective work. Idiot.

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