Trial begins for man accused of killing father in Orcutt park

April 14, 2015
Brian Reid

Brian Reid

Opening statements begin Tuesday in the murder trial of a man accused of shooting and killing his father and wounding his stepmother during a Labor Day barbecue at an Orcutt park in 2012. The defendant’s daughter said the victim was a child molester.

Brian Reid, then 40, allegedly killed William Reid, 73, and critically wounded Pamela Reid, then 63. Police arrested Reid at Marian Medical Center where he fled and checked in as a patient after the shooting.

Shortly prior to the shooting, Reid left his wife and three daughters in Arizona and moved to Santa Maria. Reid’s father and stepmother both lived in Santa Maria.

Following the shooting, Reid’s 20-year-old daughter told the press her grandfather would come into her room at night and molest her and her two sisters. Her father’s discovery of the molestation could have been the motive of the murder, Brittany Reid said.

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I am sure Brian knew first hand it was probably fact that his father did this to children. In fact, his own memories could have come rushing back to his conscious mind upon hearing about his own children. I think Brian has done the public a huge service.

A very sad hell on earth including the fact that Brian may have done what was right for all.

There have been cases when those who have killed molesters have received much lesser sentences.

If the father did indeed molest the defendant’s children, I hope the court shows him mercy.

It would take everything not to kill anyone who did this to my children.