Woman found Lenny Jones with 6-year-old girl, attorney says

April 28, 2015
Lenny Jones

Lenny Jones

A woman saw Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year Lenny Jones take a six a year a old girl into the bedroom of his home at a birthday party last month and then lock the door, a attorney who has filed suit against the jailed realtor says. [KSBY]

Attorney James Murphy is suing on behalf of the mother of the 6-year-old. The plaintiff in the suit also has a 9-year a old daughter whom Jones allegedly molested at the March 22 birthday party held for a child at his home.

Murphy said the female witness saw Jones lock the bedroom door with the six-year-old girl inside. The woman then pounded on the door and attempted to get inside, but Jones blocked her from entering.

She eventually pushed him out of the way to get inside the bedroom, Murphy said.

Jones also attempted to make the 9-year a old lift a garment of clothing, the attorney said.

Prosecutors allege that Jones also molested a 12-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy at the birthday party. Sheriff’s deputies found explicit photos of the boy on Jones’ computer.

Jones faces charges of kidnapping, penetrating with a foreign object, exploitation of a minor, having explicit photos of a child and several counts of child molestation. He is currently being held without bail in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.



I find this Very Strange ,Why was He having a Kids Party?

Why did it takes so long to get the cops involved? Seems to me They should been called that day, Man Locks himself in room with a young kid IS NOT NORMAL!

I do Believe the SLO County DA’a Office does a Pretty Good Job I have had Exp. with a white Collar Crime that involved myself , Note their hands were tied.. I’d be the first guy to tell you they are not Professional .. But I can not say that.. it was a good sum of money..

There are some things you can not do when it comes to the Law & Gov.

Personal I do feel Sorry for the kids, I also feel in this case the Death Penalty is in order!..

I’d Electrocute him from his so called manhood on up.. Sorry..

Where do some of these nuts come from on here?? Is that you Len-DOG

I also like Cal Coast news always leads in With AG Citizen of the year.. This will send a message!


Can not decipher who is the bigger PIG. Him or his attorney?


If I were the woman at that birthday party–I would be awaiting a trial date for homicide.




Mr. Jones is a testament to political failure in our court system and the continual blind eye from the DAs office. The DA is responsible for allowing Mr Jones to go undetected for 20 + years, sending him thru the revolving doors of the Justice system with some wrist slapping therapy. There is no way, this man, who molested three children in just one day has not molested others since his conviction twenty years ago. Not a chance in hell that he just snapped and went after 3 kids in one day with zero victims in between. A home full of people did not detour his rabid insatiable perversion and determination to get his fix, regardless of the circumstances. He was not added to the Megans sex offender list and had no limitations on his freedom to hunt prey for 20 years. The DA is solely responsible for allowing Mr. Jones to molest again. Citizen of the Year, Wow.


Elaborate please. Which DA and how did he allow this?


Oh Perspicacious one, please enlighten me. Who negotiates the terms which amounted to a verbal warning allowing this puke to go unchecked and molest children, Again. Maybe you can clarify who is responsible for letting Lenny off so lightly. And, I have evolved enough not to assume the DA is a Male. Apparently you still live on the Flat planet.

Andrew arreola

Your so right!! My family and I lived in Arroyo Grande in the 1990s until my little sisters death!! But my mom and I were talking and your right its not the first time!!! About 20 years ago he got accused of molesting his old business partners daughter and son!!! But nothing ever came of it and no charges were filed!!! He was involved with baseball and all the sports in the 5 cities the whole time praying on kids!!! How sick!!! Just to put it out their hopefully his ex friend comes up and says something!!?


He wasn’t convicted 20 years ago, he was accused of a crime but nothing came from the accusation’s. That’s why he wasn’t added to the Megan’s sex offender list.


Proving my first post. The DA failed the community allowing this predator to continue to molest children.


One we have a new DA in case you don’t know.

AND Megan’s law was not on the books 20 years ago.

fishing village

How awful. How sickening.


CCN, bring back the orange jumpsuit photo.

It’s much more appropriate for this story.


Question… what is this man doing throwing birthday parties for random children?

Question… what type of parent would allow a person other then family to throw a birthday party for a child?

sounds like some parents were trying to benefit from his wealth & popularity.

STILL deserves a single shot to the forehead and feed him to the hogs.

PARENTS… This is why you never allow your child to attend any functions unless you plan on staying as a chaperone.



I doubt these were “random children.”

Child predators are sick but smart. They are rarely strangers.

Lenny probably appeared like a friendly uncle type of guy, befriending the kids’ parents, maybe treating their families to dinner…that kind of stuff. The parents were there as chaperones; they probably were just feet away from Lenny and didn’t realize that the monster had ulterior motives. Or maybe he knew the families from a past real estate transaction; who knows.

All I know is that I have zero empathy for sex offenders, especially those who hurt kids. I truly believe they cannot be rehabilitated and though it’s politically correct, I believe in one strike and you’re out…permanently. I’d like to see the death penalty for monsters like him. And yes, he deserves a fair trial BUT after conviction (I wouldn’t allow a plea deal, either) he deserves the firing squad.


**oops, I meant politically incorrect.


Lawman, don’t blame it on the parents, you creep. That is akin to blaming the rape victim “because she was wearing a suggestive outfit”. A child predator will finagle his or her way into doing evil regardless of almost all precautions a parent could take. To admonish parents at the end of your post is shameful. Shame on you. There is ONE guilty party here, it is the perpetrator of this heinous act.


mbfog KUDOS for stating the fact you can not blame the parents. Those parents are having to deal with enough right now and to say they did anything wrong is a form of abusive in its self IMO.

These jerks take years to groom the people around them to trust them, they may have known Lenny for many years, could in fact be family members.

The only person who did anything wrong is Lenny, himself. Lawman you don’t have a clue as to what went on and where you think anyone was there to feed off Lenny’s popularity is just nuts. You owe those parents an apology, you are a real piece of work lawman.


He wasn’t blaming it on the parents you dufus. He was pointing out how they could have come to be at Jones’ home and how they could have been more careful.


They could have been more careful, sounds like blaming the parents to me.

You have no idea how many people were there, how many years they might have known Lenny

How little time it might take to remove a child from the parents sight and do some horrible act.

What if the parent just went to another part of the house to fix some lunch for the child and themselves?

You are a piece of work to say anything about what the parents could have done.

It is about what Lenny should not have done, I might be a dufus, you are an @ss.


Blaming the parents and not the offender? Sounds like you are a perfect candidate for the DAs office. Have you ever been to a birthday party for a child where you knew everyone? Even if you did, family or not, do you really know them? Their background? When a pedophile has no criminal history and is citizen of the year, who knew? Clearly the mother who heroically pushed her way into the locked room was chaperoning and had the good sense to follow her instincts. If not for her, perhaps none of this would have been exposed for who knows how much longer. Lenny, will now hopefully die in prison. Without this woman Lenny would still be free. This woman did what the law failed to do, protect the children. She is a hero.


If someone locked one of my daughters(I have two) in a room that I had to force my way into…..oh my. Let’s just say his mugshot would look a little different.


If it were my kids, there would be no mugshot, only coroner’s photos of the deceased perp.


more like a coroners photo of him and a mugshot of myself. Im surprised he lived past that day at the party.

Jorge Estrada

Personally I’m tired of the USA news staging our star athlete, father of atleast six, who now wants to be a woman that is not interested in men and then our constitutional challenge, whether to allow husband and husband or wife and wife and now our local “man of the year” who we have allowed to damage kids.

This grandstanding of tollerance does not server our country’s stance on freedom, it is an embarrasment. The rest of the world must be laughing their heads off with our bucks in their hands, waiting for us to give them more.


A) Gender Identity and Sexual Preference have nothing to do with Pedophilia.

B) Much of “the rest of the world” has accepted the validity of LGBT communities for decades if not centuries. In many ways the USA is behind in learning to understand people and accept them for who they are.

C) Tollerance is just a first step for the ignorant; Acceptance through education and understanding is the goal.

D) Question: How is the rest of the world getting our money from all of this???

Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong. I’m not sure what “world” you live in, but it must be a very small one.


and it just keeps getting better……lenny Im pretty sure your cellies name will be karma. best of luck, HA not