Investigation further sullies SLO interim director

May 30, 2015

SLO City Manager Katie LichtigBy KAREN VELIE

A recent investigation into the management practices of a former Carmel city manager, who is currently working for the city of San Luis Obispo, revealed multiple violations of municipal code and financial mismanagement.

In December, SLO City Manager Katie Lichtig hired Jason Stilwell to develop the city’s 2015 through 2017 financial plan even though Stillwell had left Carmel under allegations of mismanagement. During his three years at Carmel, Stilwell fired several longtime Carmel city employees, hired former friends and colleagues and awarded lucrative contracts to former cronies.

After Stilwell’s October resignation, the Carmel City Council hired attorney Stephanie Atigh to investigate Stilwell’s management of Carmel.

On May 5, Atigh shared her findings with the Carmel City Council. The report says that under Stilwell’s leadership a computer consultant was paid $344,875.09 — $192,360 more than his contracts allowed. The consultant charged nearly $3,000 for 13 hard drives, but the city doesn’t have them, according to the Carmel Pine Cone.

A Santa Barbara law firm charged the city for more than $63,000 in bills from a PR firm, and it paid them without questioning the expense. In all, Carmel paid out almost $600,000 to three different contractors via eight contracts, all for computer and IT work during the three years Stillwell managed the city.

Nevertheless, Lichtig hired Stilwell as its interim director of information technology for $11,888 a month under a six month contract that expires in the end of June.

After Stilwell resigned, the city of Carmel reached settlement agreements with three of the employees terminated by Stilwell that include both cash payouts and the offer of new jobs.


How much is Lichtig’s firing and hiring costing the taxpayers of SLO? Someone needs to investigate her!


Good grief! Now I know where Morro Bay got it’s play book.


Remember, Katie rents a room from the Mayor Irons and his wife Monica, and Monica is the Human Resource Director for the City of San Luis Obispo. Monica’s department just had a big reorganization which involved new job titles, new pay grades, new employees, same functions. I think in the real world they call this incestuous relations, and that is your playbook!


Also remember, Katie hires Council member Christine Johnson’s husband for a SLO city job.


Nothing surprising here. The City of Paso Robles is loaded with mismanagement.


There’s a fine line between “mismanagement” and thievery.


So….does anyone question the fact that the lunatics are indeed running the asylum…..


Lichtig must go!


Not with this sitting majority City Council lead by Jan Marx! Good news, her term limits will be coming…


With all that time driving back and forth to home in Malibu, our carpetbagger Lichtig can hardly be expected to have time to properly vet highly paid new help.

Elect a new council (except for Carpenter who is likely to leave) or keep putting up with newsworthy malfeasance from SLO higher-ups.


Cronyism does not require vetting.

Kevin Rice

So you’re saying you don’t support her raise at this Tuesday’s council meeting? $5,400 car allowance and $7K+ cash bonus?


Yea, that allowance is for the use of her personal car, after all, she uses it to drive the Mailbu weekly and she must be due a new car soon!


She may not have been able to find a place here. Between the 5 students to each house, and the lack of new development, where would she live.

Not to mention, who with a sound mind gives up Malibu for this Po-Dunk called San Luis Obispo?


Why does this sound so familiar? Oh, that right! It’s only some of what’s been going on in Morro Bay for the last 2 years.


Don’t think it was limited to just the last two years, more like the last two decades.

Mr. Holly

What a surprise! I can’t wait until we hear the rest of the story.


Ho hummmm…predictable. SLO gets what they deserve.


Why do I deserve this?

Bring back Ken Hampian.

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