Investigation further sullies SLO interim director

May 30, 2015

SLO City Manager Katie LichtigBy KAREN VELIE

A recent investigation into the management practices of a former Carmel city manager, who is currently working for the city of San Luis Obispo, revealed multiple violations of municipal code and financial mismanagement.

In December, SLO City Manager Katie Lichtig hired Jason Stilwell to develop the city’s 2015 through 2017 financial plan even though Stillwell had left Carmel under allegations of mismanagement. During his three years at Carmel, Stilwell fired several longtime Carmel city employees, hired former friends and colleagues and awarded lucrative contracts to former cronies.

After Stilwell’s October resignation, the Carmel City Council hired attorney Stephanie Atigh to investigate Stilwell’s management of Carmel.

On May 5, Atigh shared her findings with the Carmel City Council. The report says that under Stilwell’s leadership a computer consultant was paid $344,875.09 — $192,360 more than his contracts allowed. The consultant charged nearly $3,000 for 13 hard drives, but the city doesn’t have them, according to the Carmel Pine Cone.

A Santa Barbara law firm charged the city for more than $63,000 in bills from a PR firm, and it paid them without questioning the expense. In all, Carmel paid out almost $600,000 to three different contractors via eight contracts, all for computer and IT work during the three years Stillwell managed the city.

Nevertheless, Lichtig hired Stilwell as its interim director of information technology for $11,888 a month under a six month contract that expires in the end of June.

After Stilwell resigned, the city of Carmel reached settlement agreements with three of the employees terminated by Stilwell that include both cash payouts and the offer of new jobs.


Play it again, Sam. Same song, different key. One more time with feeling –

Citizens of SLO – you got exactly what you voted for.

And if, as has been stated, that the majority of SLO voters get their input only from the

“Fibune” – then somehow, someway, somebody needs to figure out a better way of

getting the whole truth out there, so voters can make a decision based on all the facts –

not just the facts as reported in the ‘Fib’.

In the meantime, Lichtig will continue doing just exactly whatever she pleases.


Let’s see…

Marx was never the sharpest tool in the tool shed. She’s owned by the local Democratic party. She’s also a sexist and she was on the council when they unanimously voted to hire Lichtig for an absurd compensation package despite a checkered employment history.

John Ashbaugh’s mind is clearly fried. “Ashheimer’s” has done a real number on his ability to be a productive member of the council. He also voted to hire Lichtig and he’s also owned by the local Democratic party.

Dan Carpenter is great but he’s in the minority.

Carlyn Christianson is both a sexist and an abortionist. It’s difficult to imagine her voting to get rid of any female. Particularly a “womyn” like Lichtig. She’s also owned by the local Democratic party.

Dan Rivoire’s balls haven’t dropped yet. He’s also owned by the local Democratic party.

Is there any question why crap like Lichtig and Dietrick thrive in SLO?


Cronyism has been a standard at the City of SLO for decades. Contracts are routinely awarded to friends without a formal process. Dietrick’s brother-in-law got a job without the standard recruitment process. Jason was hired because of his record as an abusive supervisor in Santa Barbara and Carmel. In fact, his buddy Derek Johnson and he were part of the same group in Santa Barbara. Katie needs people like this to whip the crooked staff into shape – if you are going to steal on duty, hire a hooker on duty, deal dope on duty, dump toxic waste on duty, simply be sure to cover your tracks and share a little with top management.


“Birds of a feather”.


The community has a choice. That’s democracy.

But until people look out for the community, and not just their vested interests (money) this will continue. All the whole these ‘policy makers’ refine their extortion.

It would be helpful if there was some other incentive for normal citizens to run for public office. I wouldn’t want to, and I doubt you would, either.


I feel that this blog fails to reach the majority of older, longtime SLO voters who trust the Tribune they receive at their doorsteps every morning. They’re apt to employ profound ignorance to any shocking and preposterous reports they may hear from another source. Meantime, city “leaders” armed with law degrees wallow in delight. They aren’t afraid of the people. SLO’s screwed.


I think you’re right.


QUOTING FRESHAIR: “I feel that this blog fails to reach…”


Cal Coast News is not a “blog.” It is an online media publication/resource.


It will probably cost thousands to fire him and he might still sue the city. We have such poor management in SLO and now we’re giving them a raise for “good conduct.”

Let’s bite the bullet and let Litchtig go…that would be money well spent.. She makes more than the governor I’m told, and the city attorney makes more than the state attorney

general. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Yea, but look at the City Council, especially the Mayor, that allow all this mayhem to exist. Leadership allows goes top to bottom. San Luis Obispo did not have these issues, problems, and behavior when we had the likes of John Dunn, Ken Hampien, etc. because look at the leadership above them.

The Council members can’t even talk to each other and a couple will not even talk to the City Manager or Attorney. That says it all I think!


Remember articles like this the next time you are tempted to destroy your car bumper with an advertisement endorsing a government scum. They are thieves, plain and simple. This lightig woman should be tarred and feathered. She’s stealing your money.

On a national level, The dirtiest woman in the history of politics is about to run for president. Her scams make the theft at the city level look like stealing a gum ball.


Here’s Katie Lichtig:

She needs to be fired.