Paso Robles teen suffers major injuries in crash

May 20, 2015
Karley Maldonado

Karley Maldonado

A Paso Robles teen broke multiple bones in a crash Tuesday morning, and emergency personnel later airlifted her to Stanford University Hospital.

Shortly before 8 a.m., Karley Jean Maldonado, 18, was driving a 2002 Volkswagen convertible on Union Road near Branch Road. Maldonado’s Volkswagen drifted onto the shoulder, then veered backed onto the road before returning to the shoulder and eventually crashing head-on into a large tree, according to the CHP.

Maldonado suffered a broken femur, broken ankles and chest injuries. An ambulance transported her to Sierra Vista Regional Hospital, prior to the helicopter transporting her to Stanford Hospital.

It is unclear why Maldonado’s car initially left the road. A CHP investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Drugs and alcohol are not suspected as factors in the crash.


Pretty young lady. Hope she is doing OK. Drifted onto shoulder then back onto road, sounds like she could have been distracted.


Would it have mattered if she was ugly?


Distracted by texting her boyfriend?


Sad, yes! But it makes me wonder, what’s up with the name Maldonado and car accidents? Any relation?


And your comment makes me wonder–what’s up with insensitive comments?

Your “what’s up” question is irrelevant and rude.


It’s perfectly normal for the human brain to attempt to try to link things together for causal effect. In fact: it is a sign of intelligence. Consider yourself in a “moron village” when you are on Cal Coast’s page. You will be considered “different” and will become an outcast if you show signs of intelligence. It happens to me every time!!! The average IQ now is only 100. But it is lower here—because you have anonymous screen names and they can all clump together–to attack other who show signs of intelligence.