Raise for Dietrick, bonuses for Lichtig on tap at SLO Council

May 27, 2015
City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Attorney Christine Dietrick may receive her fourth raise in four years, and City Manager Katie Lichtig may walk away with a cash bonus and car allowance at the upcoming San Luis Obispo council meeting.

On June 2, the council will consider giving Dietrick a 7 percent raise that would bump her base salary from $175,006 to $187,252. Lichtig ought to receive a one-time payment of $7,600, as well as a car allowance of $450 a month, or $5,400 annually, according to a staff report prepared by Human Resources Director Monica Irons.

The council gave preliminary approval to the compensation increases during an April 22 closed session hearing in which it met with a consultant. Final approval must occur in open session.

In 2011, Lichtig agreed to waive her car allowance. She has not received a raise since her hiring in 2010.

Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

Dietrick, who was also hired in 2010, received a 3.5 percent raise in 2012, followed by a 4.5 percent bumpy in pay in 2013 and a 4.2 percent salary increase last year.

Irons’s report states that Dietrick’s salary has been well below the median of the comparison market in recent years. Irons describes the proposed 7 percent raise as a “market equity adjustment” that the council deemed appropriate.

Dietrick currently receives $256,759 in total compensation.

Lichtig’s base salary is $221,500. She currently makes $313,031 in total compensation.


“The next General Municipal Election is scheduled to take place on November 8, 2016 for purposes of filling two seats on the City Council, each for a term of four years, and the position of Mayor, for a term of two years.”

Here is our chance to remove the financially slimy Mayor.

Please Vote.

mb business owner

p.s. exactly how much money does one need?


Ask Hillary.

mb business owner

I don’t know why anyone is surprised, this is totally expected and MB is right behind, giving money out, creating new positions for the chiefs while the worker bees, who do the real work, are struggling. however, if we continue to elect and reelect those currently in charge – how can we expect anything different. AG is the exception to this and congratulations for their community to have the guts to take a stand again this absurdity!


Sounds like a good bang for the buck!

You go girls, show that council who’s really running the city.


This decision will clearly show who really runs the city, the city council or the city manager and attorney. Any doubts, not for me.


Who can blame these two pirates? Grab what you can and hang in just long enough to “retire.”

The problem rests with the SLO City Council. It’s clearly a dysfunctional, sexist, just plain odd, marginally competent governmental body.

Then again the ultimate responsibility rests with us — the voters. We vote crap like Ashbaugh and Marx into office and they then hire/protect garbage like Lichtig.


I agree with your comment about 99%. I don’t know how you can call the SLO City Council “sexist” however unless you are implying a sort of “reverse sexism”.


I suspect the single biggest reason Lichtig was hired (given her checkered work history) is because she’s a womyn. That’s also one reason why she hasn’t been canned.


This is what you get in a big government society. Why is anyone surprised?


A mid-sized, parochial city is not ‘big government’.

This kind of small town drama goes on in Paso, Atascadero, AG, Oceano, etc.

All political stripes, too. It’s egos, not affiliation.


Big Government is a euphamism to describe the excessively large, corrupt and inefficient public sector. According to the Tribune staffing costs make up 80% of the General Fund budget. We pay taxes so people can have a job. That’s big government.


It’s a poor comparison, no matter what you call it.

Maybe ‘Big Heads in government’ would be more apropos.

Kevin Rice

$100+M budget in this small city with their noses in everything is Big Government.


I agree that it is (proportionately to the population) Big Government and should be cut back. However your comment that “staffing costs make up 80% of the General Fund budget” is irrelevant to your argument. Government is the counterpart of a service industry not a manufacturing industry. Since it also pays no taxes, a budget with 80% for staffing is not unreasonable per se. What is unreasonable is the “comparable pay” standards used to determine pay scales and benefits for the better paid employees/management.


Italy’s no taxes,does produces nothing and gives itself raises after $120k screw ups. These supposed service jobs make our lives miserable not easier. That’s not service.

Government employment is high priced welfare. I know because I was once on the gravy train. We pay taxes to their pockets.

For which branch of government do you draw your subsistence?


I am disgusted by their performace, their pay, their bonuses and their expense accounts.

disgusting. We’re all fools letting city government fleece us like this. We deserve it.


“Lichtig’s base salary is $221,500. She currently makes $313,031 in total compensation.”

So does this include Katie’s expense account or is that extra tax dollars she gets to spend?