Raise for Dietrick, bonuses for Lichtig on tap at SLO Council

May 27, 2015
City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Manager Katie Lichtig

City Attorney Christine Dietrick may receive her fourth raise in four years, and City Manager Katie Lichtig may walk away with a cash bonus and car allowance at the upcoming San Luis Obispo council meeting.

On June 2, the council will consider giving Dietrick a 7 percent raise that would bump her base salary from $175,006 to $187,252. Lichtig ought to receive a one-time payment of $7,600, as well as a car allowance of $450 a month, or $5,400 annually, according to a staff report prepared by Human Resources Director Monica Irons.

The council gave preliminary approval to the compensation increases during an April 22 closed session hearing in which it met with a consultant. Final approval must occur in open session.

In 2011, Lichtig agreed to waive her car allowance. She has not received a raise since her hiring in 2010.

Christine Dietrick

Christine Dietrick

Dietrick, who was also hired in 2010, received a 3.5 percent raise in 2012, followed by a 4.5 percent bumpy in pay in 2013 and a 4.2 percent salary increase last year.

Irons’s report states that Dietrick’s salary has been well below the median of the comparison market in recent years. Irons describes the proposed 7 percent raise as a “market equity adjustment” that the council deemed appropriate.

Dietrick currently receives $256,759 in total compensation.

Lichtig’s base salary is $221,500. She currently makes $313,031 in total compensation.


Where will the money come for the pay raise?

If the City Manager gets a raise, that means one thing,

Citation for water usage is around the corner….

How do you give a citation to the City Manager for continuing to grow San Luis population with hotels, homes, etc during the biggest drought in history knowing an article just came of stating San Luis has enough water for only 3 more years….


“Where will the money come for the pay raise”?, that’s an easy one Measure G or was it Y or just maybe Measure FU.

Another question who proposed and put this raise in front of the city council?


These pay reviews are written into their contracts, by the City Council. The timing is annual — that’s all written down. You better believe the rank and file city employees making say $30k a year will not be receiving anything like a 7% raise. This is just the Council’s looking out for their 1%.


Pirates. Proves that you can show anything you want with statistics if you manipulate your data set. I’m embarrassed for them, angry as a tax payer, and disappointed in our council.



They choose “comparable cities” to prove and obtain what they’re after. It really is an ugly game. And the Council is so abominably stupid they fall for it. Not a one of them has any street smarts.


Two sub-par performers who receive monstrously high pay. Our eyes are on you, SLO City Council. Do the right thing — for a change and can both of these individuals.


Has anybody in a management position ever been denied a raise? When there is such a large support staff for these type of positions why do they make so much money? I know the answer is because that is the going rate. I know somebody will take less. Say what you will but I bet Steve Adams would behave and take 1/2 the amount that these women are making. Steve blew it at the end but up to that point he did an excellent job and created a much better environment than what these women are doing.


They’re like the world’s oldest profession. These pencil pushing functionaries are paid to go away .

That they DON’T operate in relative obscurity in darkened hallways says more about those that employ their services.


How about the City Manager discloses what the Chief was going to tell…You got your raise City Manager, you chose how to use it.


Do you suppose he used some of that surplus military surveillance equipment Katie let him have to get the goods on her?


So much for women not getting equal pay as men.

These government pukes are cleaning up!

Mr. Holly


The people in SLO, and other cities, need to put a stop to this.

I would consider this pilfering of taxpayer funds much worse than what the police chief was accused of. We saw what happened to him and maybe there still needs to be some purging in SLO.


And so it goes….continue to build the salary and compensation packages so WHEN they are eventually fired, their severance packages will fill their needs.

God, I love this system.


It is the nature of median and modal statistical analyses that SOMEBODY has to make less than the middle, and some even near the BOTTOM.

Given performance levels, why aren’t these women down there?

Wise up council, and STOP giving away taxpayer money. You can do better FOR LESS. Let’s see some LEADERSHIP from this council, stand up for the taxpayer and sensible salary levels.


Playing off a story headline three stories back;

“Camera to catch two women burglarizing City Council”

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