SLO judge frees man he once gave life sentence

May 1, 2015

Morelady-justice2 than 20 years after sentencing a 16-year-old to life in prison without parole, San Luis Obispo Judge Michael Duffy has ordered the release of the now 37-year-old man.

When he was 13-years-old, Mexican national Freddie Chacon was sent to the Paso Robles Youth Correctional Facility. Three years later, along with another inmate, Chacon kidnapped a female librarian at the facility and demanded a truck to drive to Mexico.

Chacon and his accomplice took off in the truck with the hostage. But, Chacon, the driver, promptly crashed the vehicle after a sheriff’s deputy sprayed mace through the rolled-down driver’s side window.

The librarian suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Duffy sentenced Chacon to life without parole after he was convicted of kidnapping, extortion, assault with a deadly weapon and other felony charges. The sentence is considered harsh by today’s standards.

While in prison, Chacon spent more than 20 years at maximum security facility Pelican Bay. He spent 17 of those years in solitary confinement for associating with a Mexican gang.

Chacon’s gang affiliation is disputed, though.

In March, Chacon again appeared before Duffy in San Luis Obispo court. The victim of his crime was also present at the hearing.

Chacon apologized to her, and the victim said she changed her mind and that the best thing to do would be to release him. Chacon left prison on April 18 after a brief stint in the California Men’s Colony.

He told the court he plans to go to Mexico to work at a family business and plans to never return to the U.S. Chacon was placed on five years’ probation, but it will not be enforced in Mexico.

A bill signed into law in 2012 by Governor Jerry Brown allowed Chacon to apply for release. The law granted chances for release to about 300 inmates who were sentenced as minors to life without parole and had served at least 20 years and shown remorse for their crimes. Charon’s accomplice gained release from prison under the same provision in May.


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So you incarcerate a 13 year old child in kiddie prison, and at 16 sentence him to life without parole in adult prison. It is a real shocker that a person like that would associate with a gang in prison. For which he gets solitary to the tune of 17(!) years.

Prolonged periods of solitary confinement are considered a form of torture all over the world – with the notable exception of the United States – this beacon of humanity. Which feels compelled to bomb other countries into the stone age in order to bring them good ole’ American values. And the US is reviled all over the world. Another shocker.

So if this guy had gotten a bj on the morning of this ill advised escape attempt he would be a child victim of child sexual abuse. Because he would not have the capacity to consent to sexual activity. But he did not and this child was sentenced to life without parole in adult prison – for a crime where no life was lost. Because he has the capacity to form not only criminal intent, but had it as an adult.

Seven thousand three hundred days in jail. Although he led less than a stellar existence in the joint I agree with this IF we saw him over the border.

I wouldn’t however touch the over under on this.

I’ll wager 1.5 years as the over/under for the time it takes him to commit his next violent crime.