Teens in route to the Morro Bay prom injured in crash

May 3, 2015

CHP@Eight people were injured including several teens on route to the Morro Bay High School Prom in a collision Saturday between a GMC Yukon and a Nissan Sentra.

Shortly after 8:45 p.m., Samantha Aranda, 18, of Los Osos was headed northbound on Highway 1 near the California Men’s Colony when she changed lanes and crashed the SUV she was driving into the Nissan Sentra. The Yukon, which contained nine people headed to the prom, went up an embankment, rolled over and partially ejected one passenger.

Medical personnel transported eight people to area hospitals, seven with minor injuries and one in critical condition.
CHP officials have released the names of two of Aranda’s injured passengers; Daniel Segura, 20, of Los Osos who sustained minor injuries and Madeline Rice, 18, of Cambria who was seriously injured.

In addition, three unnamed 17-year-olds from Morro Bay were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.

CHP officers said drugs or alcohol are not believed to be a factor in the crash. An investigation is ongoing.

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The correct term in the headline is ‘en route’, borrowed from French. Never Anglicize it to ‘in route’. C’mon, you ought to set a good example of proper grammar.

Too bad all the parents didn’t chip in and rent a limo for their kids for

prom night.

Many parents have difficulty just paying for the dress and the tickets. It would have been a better idea to use two cars with adults driving.

Nine people in a vehicle driven by an 18 year old seems a recipe for a disaster considering the potential for inexperience and probable distraction. Missing the prom could become a valuable teaching moment for all involved as sad as it seems.

It’s difficult to control and maneuver a SUV. The vehicle is large with a high center of gravity and it was heavily loaded. Young inexperienced drivers should not be driving this type of vehicle. Young drivers need more training in high speed driving because they don’t understand how the vehicle handles differently at freeway speeds. The newer SUVs with stability systems are much safer.

The ejected passenger was probably not wearing a seatbelt; it’s a shame. I hope that he recovers.