Child dies in rural Paso Robles ATV accident

June 26, 2015

road 2An 8-year-old girl was killed Thursday when the ATV her father was driving overturned at Heritage Ranch near Lake Nacimiento. [KSBY]

Shortly after 7 p.m., the father and daughter were riding on Heritage Road near Heritage Loop Road. The father then lost control on a curve and the ATV overturned.

Emergency personnel airlifted the 8-year-old girl to Twin Cities Community Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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In all these comments about how sad this is (obviously) and how bad the father must feel (let’s hope so) I see not one word about his personal responsibility to keep his children safe. He chose to drive this unstable vehicle unbelted, apparently carelessly or speeding (how else would the thing tip over?) This child did not need to die. He should be investigated (he should pray he did not blow drunk, apparently there is a “drinking culture in this neighborhood) and charge appropriately. Most people do not kill their children. They behave as good parents, keeping them safe. This father violated that social contract and should face consequences, no matter how bad he “feels”. He is no different than the Valley people who come over and kill or injure their kids on the Dunes. Now let the grief junkies and sadness addicts castigate me for being truthful.