Could a tsunami swamp California?

June 1, 2015

Borderlands-Map-279x300A Southern California geologist is warning of the possibility of a tsunami slamming into Los Angeles and wreaking havoc on California’s coastline. [NBC News]

Mark Legg, the lead author of a newly published study, says offshore faults are capable of generating magnitude-8 earthquakes and triggering tsunamis in the state. The tsunamis may just produce 1 or 2-meter surges, but they could have huge impacts on Southern California’s ports, Legg says.

On Friday, the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface published Legg’s study, which focuses on the seismic potential of the California Continental Borderland region. The Borderland, which includes the Channel Islands, contains several underwater faults that are caused by the Pacific tectonic plate and the North American Plate grinding against one another.

Within the region, Legg focused on the Santa Cruz-Catalina Ridge Fault and Ferrelo Fault, both of which he says are capable of generating magnitude-8 quakes. Legg argues the seismic potential of the area has not been examined carefully and more resources should be devoted to mapping the seafloor.

Other earthquake experts insist the hazard posed by the faults has been sufficiently studied. Additionally, critics are questioning Legg’s timing.

Legg published the study just as the Hollywood film San Andreas was being released. The movie depicts the San Andreas Fault generating a massive earthquake that rips through California.


Yeah? Well, in my study, I have found that a meteor MAY hit the earth, which CAN be devastating if it’s big enough and survives the entry into the atmosphere.

Oh, that and in other news, as suspected, the “movies” San Andreas is a complete and utter flop. Apparently, the public still does not get as excited as the limited folks in media about catastrophes.


Complete and utter flop??

#1 at box office.

Was expected to make 30-40 million opening weekend.

Makes 54.6 million

Overseas and domestic total $114 million.

Cost to make $110 million.

Um they already made their money back and this will probably play well for at least four more weeks so all profit now!!

Also found that many Californian’s went to see more than any other region.

If that is your idea of failure than……………………………


I should have clarified: it was a complete and utter flop as anything worthy of “entertainment” or enjoyment. Of course, this is my opinion and is probably wrong, I’m sure it will do very well come Oscar time (should the narrative need it to be).


Agreed not a classic. It is what it is. Exaggerated fun special effects. I have a love hate with these (see 1974 Earthquake) movies. I love them for the fun thrill ride that they are BUT that is it. Entertainment for the eyes (not brain) only. They usually take HUGE liberties with the truth.


What a three ring circus the media has become. No longer reporting the real news, just feeding the sky is falling idiocy of a few people who are afraid of their own shadows. Between LEO lawsuits and this type of crap, we have lost our grip on what is important in our society. Enough fear mongering, just the facts please.


That is because the news is so heavily sponsored by companies that have an invested interest in you staying stressed and/or sick. Just ask your doctor.


A solution to the drought? Oh wait, it’s saltwater. Could help with the fires though depending on the time of year.


When I was a kid, California was going to fall off into the ocean.

We’re still here.

I’ve lived on the coast my entire life, honestly I worry more about being killed in an auto accident.

Live life!


The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

Chicken Little


With some of the highest coastline in the world, the Central Coast should be good … as long as you’re not on the beach. Still, I de’fault’ to the scientist. However, I’m thinking folks have been watching too many movies.


LOL! Mr. Legg’s business must be slow so he started this in hopes of getting a fat new government contract to study it. What a chump.


Hey! Legggeo my Eggo!


Have they figured out how to blame earthquakes on global warming yet?


Oh, I forgot, it’s been rebranded as climate change so it applies whether hot, cold, dry, raining, or snowing.

Rich in MB

Maybe Californians can move to Mexico….kinda makes that Border fence the anti-open border folks want seem like a fence to keep Americans IN rather than Illegals OUT!

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