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6.4-magnitude earthquake rocks Northern California

By KAREN VELIE Update: Two died and a dozen people were injured in Tuesday’s 6.4 magnitude earthquake. Original: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck outside Ferndale in Humboldt County in Northern California Tuesday morning, injuring two people. The 2:34 a.m. quake... (Continue reading)

Is California facing a deadly earthquake?

Geologists have increased the odds of having a major quake on the San Andreas Fault due to an earthquake swarm near the Salton Sea from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 100 for the following week. [Scientific America] Does the... (Continue reading)

California may spend $10 million on earthquake warning system

California Gov. Jerry Brown has reversed course and proposed allocating $10 million in state funds toward an earthquake early warning system that federal government scientists and university researchers are developing. United States Geological Survey officials say the state funds would... (Continue reading)

One fault near Diablo Canyon links to another

An earthquake fault that neighbors Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant links to a second, larger fault, scientists have discovered. [SF Chronicle] The Hosgri fault was discovered three miles offshore of Diablo Canyon during construction of the power plant in 1971.... (Continue reading)

Could a tsunami swamp California?

A Southern California geologist is warning of the possibility of a tsunami slamming into Los Angeles and wreaking havoc on California’s coastline. [NBC News] Mark Legg, the lead author of a newly published study, says offshore faults are capable of... (Continue reading)

Diablo Canyon used bad data for safety equipment for 30 years

OPINION by Friends of the Earth Pacific Gas & Electric Co. used incorrect earthquake and accident data when building crucial safety equipment for the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, according to information released by Senator Barbara Boxer. Friends of the... (Continue reading)

Has fracking rid California of its earthquake crown?

Geologists recorded three times as many earthquakes in Oklahoma last year than in California, leading some scientists to finger fracking in Oklahoma as a cause or major factor. [Reveal] In 2014, the U.S. Geological Survey reported 562 earthquakes of magnitude... (Continue reading)

NRC rejects call to close Diablo Canyon

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission rejected the recommendation Wednesday of a former federal investigator who called for the closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant until the agency determines whether the plant can withstand high magnitude earthquakes caused by nearby faults. [ABC... (Continue reading)