Feces-eating bank robber sentenced to seven years

June 9, 2015
Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

A 40-year-old man who said the Virgin Mary ordered him to rob a San Luis Obispo bank and eat his own feces has received a seven-year prison sentence. [KSBY]

San Luis Obispo Judge Donald Umhofer said during Monday’s sentencing hearing that Andrew Gilbertson was putting on a performance when, while on the stand in March, Gilbertson reached into his pants, pulled out poop and began eating it. Umhofer also said he agreed with the verdict and that Gilbertson clearly knew what he was doing when he robbed the bank.

In July 2013, Gilbertson disguised himself by wearing a hat and a pink child’s backpack. He then entered the Bank of America branch on Santa Rosa Street and handed a teller a note with a drawing of a peace sign that said “Give me the money.” Officers arrested Gibertson in Atascadero a few hours later.

Andrew Gilbertson

Andrew Gilbertson

Prosecutors claimed Gilbertson was a man seeking methamphetamine who planned out the robbery and then changed his appearance to avoid arrest. His defense attorney argued that Gilbertson suffered mental illness for more than a decade, heard voices and had a history of harming himself that included blinding one eye.

Gilbertson pleaded not guilty by way of insanity, but a jury found him sane. The jury then convicted him of one count of robbery and one count of burglary.

On Monday, Gilbertson read a letter in which he insisted that he is insane.

“I’ve been to Atascadero State Hospital twice on six-month tours. Each time I hear voices, and I see things. I get into tantrums and hit myself because I don’t want to do the things the voices tell me. I am blind in right eye because of it,” Gilbertson stated in his address to Umhofer.

Umhofer ordered Gilbertson to pay more than $300 in restitution, in addition to serving seven years in state prison.

Gilbertson has a prior conviction of sexual battery, and he is registered as a sex offender.

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Could this be the son of the infamous Montana de Oro Fecal Fairy from the 80’s who was caught chest deep in the “pit” underneath the woman’s bathroom? It must be.

LOL. I remember that. Reported on it. That guy used his position to peer up at the women.

My compatriot could not stop laughing.

So a poop eating mentally ill person is forced to pay restitution and answer for their crimes, but white collar leaders making 6 figures don’t? That seems fair and just..

I think it is totally sane and normal to eat one’s poop during trial. Taking a sharp object and stabbing your own eye seems legit too. Normal people do that all time, right? Let’s all go grab ice picks and try it. I mean, think about the torment or agitation one must feel to make a decision that stabbing oneself in the eye seemed like a good idea…

The “disguise”. LOL. So…. I am going to rob a bank. What to wear. I don’t want to get caught, because I need to get back with all the money for the Virgin Mary, I have crack to smoke, and I have poop to eat later. Ok, that’s right, what to wear; hmm. Jeans and t-shirt? Nope. Suit maybe…fancy bank people wear suits… nope. I know! I will wear this pink girly backpack and this hat right here. I will fit RIGHT in and no one will suspect anything… I will also put a happy peace symbol on my robbery note, because it will seem…peaceful. Makes total sense. The Virgin Mary told me so. (Seems so logical and rational now all typed out LOL)

Look, the point I am trying to make is that while the guy needs to be locked up so he isn’t a danger to anyone, a mental health facility would benefit him far more than a prison. Proper treatment reduces risk incarcerated or not.

Sorry you all get two replies from me. It was unintentional, I thought the first one got lost in cyberspace and had to retype it again….

But it was good enough to read twice!!!

So, we make poop eating mentally ill people pay restitution, but not white collar criminals who make 6 figures?

Let’s put aside eating one’s own feces for a second if that isn’t gross enough. He stabbed himself in the EYE. Hold an ice pick in your hand and imagine shoving that in to a socket because the Virgin Mary or sick voices were telling you do that, among other things.

The prosecution’s argument that he disguised himself is laughable. A child’s pink backpack, a hat, and a robbery note with a peace sign isn’t exactly ‘blending in” clothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think this man needs to be off public streets. I just wish he was deemed not mentally fit to stand trial so he could simply just be sent to an appropriate facility for treatment.


He’s going to hate the crap they feed you in prison…

Good one.

The sad part about this whole scenario is Mr. Gilbertson would have spent a whole lot more time incarcerated ( in a State Hospital) if he were found guilty by reason of insanity. As a 1026 (not guilty by reason of insanity) commitment the burden of proof would be on him to prove that his sanity has been restored. This would probably take a whole lot longer than 7 years. If he can remain free from additional charges while he is in prison he will probably do much less than 7 years. In my opinion he would have been better off with a plea deal than eating his feces.

I asked myself if I would eat my poop in front of a jury to avoid going to prison for bank robbery. I really couldn’t imagine it but what about the prison sentence, would i or wouldn’t I?

I decided not to bother thinking about it since I would never rob a bank to begin with. However do I think this was a ploy to trump up his own mental instability (and he obviously is mentally ill) yes, I would have found him nuts but sane where the question of knowing right from wrong is concerned.


It is very telling in that you had to go to this great extent of why you couldn’t use the same scenario as Mr. Gilbertson did to act insane. Therefore, why didn’t you mention him hearing voices from Mother Mary and defending his religious freedom, especially since you’re a Christian?

Cindy, you have to agree that there is a war on our Christianity being accomplished by the government like Sean Hannity posits daily. Therefore you should stand up for Mr. Gilbertson hearing voices from Mother Mary. If you’re not with our Hebrew God, then you’re against him, which is within the same vein as our Christian president George W. Bush once stated.

Brother Ted, IDK if GWBush partook of a holy diet as Mr. Gilbertson, but he sure had plenty in his mouth every time he attempted to speak.

Don’t think the Virgin Mary told him though. It was Dick Cheney spoon feeding him like a little baby.

Ted, Slowerfaster Everything is not about the bush or cheney. Stop trying to drag your bush, cheney, Obama into everything.

No means no.

To a Christian, there is nothing bizarre about hearing voices in our heads, because this is how we communicate with our Hebrew God and through His level of command, as in Mr. Gilbertson’s case, even down to Mother Mary. We rely upon these voices in prayer, special emergency recitations like Mr. Gilbertson received by Mother Mary, and last but not least, pareidolia.

We have a huge Bronze Age religion based upon a woman who really stuck to her story! In the same vein, Mr. Gilbertson was sticking to his story that he was insane, but the anti-religious jury ruled that he wasn’t. All Christians should take exception to this ruling because who is anyone to posit that Mr. Gilbertson wasn’t receiving messages from Jesus’ mother? As we see once again, Sean Hannity at Fox News is right, this is just another attack on Christianity!

Within the trial, the “religious card” should have been played on behalf of Mr. Gilbertson, and he would have walked on this one. If anything, by proxy, the Catholic Church should have been brought up on charges in letting Mother Mary communicate to Mr. Gilbertson in such a manner as to get him convicted of a bank robbery crime.

Dear Mr. Slanders,

I find it interesting and sad that you seem to spend so much time and effort and energy in twisting the words of the Bible and Christianity in particular to promote your own agenda. (An agenda that is not clear to me.) n Somewhere along the journey of your life you must have been terribly hurt by someone who used the Bible in their own twisted way to hurt you. I am so sorry for the wrongs that may have been done to you in the name of Christianity and the Bible. I hope that someday you will have peace in your heart and healing from your hurt. I do not understand your continued rejection of my open offer to meet me for coffee (I have offered to buy) and come to my home for dinner. I would love to meet you as I do all people from many different walks of life and different perspectives of life. I have never stated my belief system to you but you have turned down my repeated invitations to get to know you because they seem to differ from yours. Must I assume you have been so terribly hurt you have developed a distrust of anyone who extends a genuine offer to become acquainted and perhaps develop a possible friendship? I am not a scary or intimidating person, and am friendly and a good conversationalist. I will not debate anyone on any topic but would love to get to know you. The offer is standing and I hope you accept it when you are ready.

Dear Mr. Slanders,

I also find it sad that you no longer will reply to my posts except for clicking dislike. What a very sad and distrustful person you must be to be unable to reach out to someone who wants to get to know you. I truly hope you find peace, hope and joy.

Dear Bokonon. Please forgive these two parts of a Grandfaloon. One has fooled another by evil satire the other taken umbrage through blatant theatrics.

If it were not so sad it would be worth the popcorn.


Barring the fact of parroting your previous statements again, don’t you think that it’s quite revealing when you keep telling me that I allegedly misinterpret scripture, but you never tell me how by perceiving to correct me? What does that tell you? Besides, how does one misinterpret a LITERAL passage and verse?

Do you disagree with this story in that Mr. Gilbertson didn’t hear Mother Mary talking to him in the same vein as we hear Jesus and His Father in our prayers?

Lilylu, again, your circular reasoning may be entertaining to some, but once again, I don’t want to take anymore time in addressing this infliction that you harbor on a continued basis. Satan has obviously entered your soul, and I will pray for you tonight in that he leaves it ASAP.

Lilylu, I can’t come to dinner, not only because I am blessed with many Sisters of Eve as companions at this time that would be very jealous, but all you would be serving for dinner is “red herrings” of which I am terribly allergic too. Sorry.

Lilylu, you’re obviously of the Christian faith, no matter what division you practice, and cutting directly to the chase, I find it necessary that you follow ALL of the bible. Therefore, you are NOT to usurp my biblical knowledge as a man, and you are to be silent as well.

“But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp the authority over the man, but to be in silence.” (Timothy 2:12)

Good day.

The feces-eating ploy is straight out of the movie “Training Day”. In the movie what the guy

pulled out of his pants was peanut butter, extra chunky Jif to be precise. This tactic

didn’t work for the guy in the movie either. Just shows there’s no accounting for taste.

Ted Nugent used a chocolate bar to evade Vietnam.

Or maybe not. That’s what he said later.