Former Paso Robles teacher pleads to sex with minor

June 9, 2015
Jeremy Monn

Jeremy Monn

A 31-year-old teacher who was ousted from Paso Robles High School last year pleaded guilty Monday to charges related to a sexual relationship he had last year with a 16-year-old student.

Jeremy Monn, 31, pleaded guilty to arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes and unlawful intercourse with a minor more than three years younger than the perpetrator, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office. Earlier this year, Monn received a prison sentence of more than four years for a separate sexual relationship with an underage girl in Merced County.

Paso Robles police arrested Monn on June 1, 2014, after receiving a tip that a 16-year-old girl was having an ongoing sexual relationship with him. When interviewed by police, the girl admitted to having a sexual relationship with Monn, who was her agriculture teacher at the time.

Following his arrest, Monn posted $50,000 bail and was released from San Luis Obispo County Jail. In December, while Monn was out on bail, Merced officers arrested him at his Paso Robles home.

Prosecutors accused Monn of having sexual relations with a 15-year-old student while he was teaching at Don Pedro High School in Merced County. The lawyer for the Merced teen’s family said officials at the Central Valley school district knew about the allegations, but passed Monn off to Paso Robles High School.

Paso Robles administrators placed Monn on administrative leave shortly following his first arrest. They later announced that he was no longer an employee of the district.

An agreement between authorities in Merced and San Luis Obispo counties states that Monn must receive a combined prison sentence of at least four years, but no more than seven years. A Merced County judge has already sentenced Monn to four years and four months in prison.

Mann is due to appear for sentencing before Judge Jacquelyn Duffy in a San Luis Obispo courtroom on July 6.

San Luis Obispo attorney David Vogel represented Monn in Merced. Attorney Ilan Funke-Bilu was representing Monn in San Luis Obispo.


Why these watered-down charges? Why not charges for rape and oral copulation?

Then they let this predator out on bail, and he does it again? Did I read that right???

If yes, FIRE all the yahoos that came up eith this plan. Gross negligence.


You did not read it right. He worked for The Merced HS first, then Paso HS. The first incident happened in Merced, but did not come to light until he was arrested in Paso. The article is misleading because it speculates that Paso HS knew about what happened in Merced, which is not accurate.


It’s BAD enough that you have a young Teacher who’s supposedly “educated” and yet STILL doesn’t have enough sense to stay away from the young girls!!! But what is really, really IDIOTIC is that the School system ALLOWS for these and other “bad” teachers to be passed around from one district to another. WHY wouldn’t the Merced School District have enlightened potential employers? I do believe you’re innocent until proven guilty but there may have to be a criteria set up for School teachers and Adminstrators that help in eliminating the ones doing a poor job! Just too many undesirables going from one district to another because the one that wants to get rid of someone – will only pass on general info and then that way maybe they’ll be rid of them. The system SUCKS especially when Paso gets stuck with situations like this AND got stuck with Superintendent McNamara!! ugggg.


Simple answer… teachers union


They do not protect pedophiles.

Rich in MB

Oh yes they do….where have you been!


Teachers should be old, wise and unattractive to students. That would solve that.


Applying Indigo1955s logic in the “Police Nab SLO Burglar” to this situation.

“He’s a nice guy except for when he’s taken a viagra”.


Were charges filed in Merced prior to him working in Paso? Even if there were only allegations, get ready for a civil suit against the school district for hiring a sexual predator (and deservedly so). Get ready to pony up taxpayer. If the administrators were personally liable do you think they would have checked into his background a little more thoroughly?


Hope he doesn’t get a pass on the Paso High girl. He should get at least the same sentence, making it 8 yrs.

Rich in MB

Can we go a week without some sort of Sex scandal breaking in this County?