Officers shoot motorist in Santa Barbara County

June 7, 2015

pellet gunSanta Barbara County Sheriff deputies shot a motorist who threatened them with a gun during a traffic stop Sunday in Carpinteria.

Shortly after 1 a.m., deputies pulled the motorist over for an alleged traffic violation on Highway 150 and Carpinteria Avenue. The male driver stepped out of his car and brandished a gun, deputies said.

Deputies shot the driver who was later transported to a Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave while the incident is investigated.

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Congrats to the officer who followed his training and will go home to his family after the work day is over. They are both lucky to be alive.

Why does the headline say “Officers shoot motorist..”

This reads like they shot some poor old lady on her way to church.

How about, “Deputies shoot armed man”.

This would at least present an accurate headline, while reserving judgement on whom is guilty or at fault.

If he were black it would say “officer shoots black motorist” and lead on the national news despite the facts.

That’s the same crap that the media used during the Rodney King affair. They kept referring to him as a “motorist” conjuring up an image of some Elmer Fudd like character just happily driving along, minding his own business. Hardly just your basic “motorist” .

2007: While riding his bicycle near the border of San Bernardino and Rialto, King was sprayed with pellets from a shotgun.

2005: King was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill one of his daughters and her mother after the two women argued with his then-girlfriend. No charges were filed.

2003: Rialto police watched him weave through traffic in his Ford Expedition at more than 100 mph before plowing through a fence and into a San Bernardino house. He pleaded guilty to being under the influence of PCP and was sentenced to a six-month drug rehabilitation program followed by a 120-day jail sentence.

2003: Rialto police arrested King on suspicion of punching his girlfriend in the stomach. No charges were filed.

2001: King was ordered to attend a yearlong drug treatment program after he was arrested for indecent exposure and being under the influence in Claremont.

1999: King was sentenced to 90 days in the San Bernardino County jail and placed on probation for four years after a domestic dispute involving one of his daughters and her mother. He was required to attend a batterer’s treatment program and a child-abuse program, according to court records.

1995: King was arrested by Alhambra police, charged with hitting his wife with his car, knocking her to the ground. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail after being convicted of hit and run.

1993: King entered an alcohol rehabilitation program and was placed on probation after crashing his vehicle into a block wall in downtown Los Angeles with a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit.

1991: King was arrested on suspicion of trying to run over a vice squad officer who allegedly found him with a transvestite prostitute in Hollywood, but no charges were filed. That being said, this guy in Carpinteria is either a fool, a bad guy, or someone who wanted someone else to kill him because he was to weak willed to do the job himself

Heart goes out to the LE Officer and the Young Man’s Family – such a tragedy …

maybe he did pull a gun with intent or at all, in which case id say officers acted appropriately nomatter what race/ethnicity he was. but brandishing is pretty vague and until theres video, fact is you don’t know what happened. not every person carrying is a thug…

The legal definition of brandishing is “drawing, exhibiting, or using”. Don’t think we are talking about legal carry situation here.

Brandishing isn’t all that vague in my mind, and requires:

1. That you drew or exhibited a deadly weapon in the presence of another

2. That you did so either in a rude, threatening or angry manner, or during a fight

3. That you did not do so while acting in self-defense or in the defense of another

Hopefully, brandishing absolutely did occur here and the officer was correct.

im just saying you have no idea what happened until theres video or an explanation from both accounts. guy could’ve been nervous/stupid and got out with his hands up, could’ve bent down to tie his shoes, and it could have been suicide by cop or malicious intent. and as much as anyone wouldn’t want it to be, it wouldn’t be the first time a cop shot somebody for whatever reason and covered it up. all unlikely as is the situation. but ya hopefully everything was by the book.

Lets hope he was white. We don’t need a visit from al sharpton or the neutering of our police officers.

Pull a Gun on a Cop and they shoot you….done….end of drama and controversy.

It doesn’t matter the race of the officer or thug. What matters most here is that the officer is safe and the thug is in Jail (well soon to be after he gets out of the Hospital, a say paid for of course by the tax payers.)