Trailer overturns on Highway 101 near Avila Beach

June 18, 2015

CHzVPaIUkAARtIL.jpg-largeA truck towing a white trailer overturned and then crashed into another truck on Highway 101 near Avila Beach Drive Thursday morning.

Cal Fire tweeted a photo of the rollover, which shows traffic backed up on Northbound Highway 101. There are significant delays in the area, according to Cal Fire

KSBY has reported the accident happened around 10:55 a.m., and it only caused minor injuries.

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Yeah that would drive insurance premiums up for us all. Only a lawyer would come up with something that fickle to the detriment of everyone else.

The people who are stuck in traffic behind a-holes like this should be able to easily bill the a-holes’ insurance companies for their lost time.

Nobody, (myself included) likes unexpected delays but more suing? REALLY? We don’t have enough F.U. laws already? We don’t have enough late night commercials by lawyers wanting you to sue for everything from a hang nail to a stubbed toe? Your suggestion, while maybe may with best of intentions, is ridiculous.