Arroyo Grande fire burns home and residential care facility

July 11, 2015

A fire that started in a shed containing a gun safe and ammunition burned a home and a residential care facility for disabled adults on Farroll Avenue in Arroyo Grande on Friday.

Arroyo Grande fire

At 3:33 p.m., the owners of the home at 1116 Farroll Avenue were working on a boat in their driveway when they noticed smoke coming from the back of their home. The fire quickly spread to their house and then the care facility next door.

Multiple neighbors helped the disabled adults, some who utilize wheel chairs, get out of the home and across the street. The clients were then transported to several local care facilities including Casa De Vida in San Luis Obispo.

No one was injured. However, the clients at the group home lost all their belongings, their medications and special dietary needs.

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I would contact Casa De Vida, where the elderly residents were transported.

So proud of the neighbors who helped the disabled get out safely.

I stopped by about 5:30 to see what was going on after leaving the dog park, I had my two dogs in the car and they were panting from running around. Someone was so nice they put a coffee can of water in the car for my dogs. They had water, but that was SO THOUGHTFUL that is why I love where I live.

I too have things I can donate I will check with the fire dept and see if they know what they may need.

Morning Rise residents you guys are my hero’s for stepping up and helping. That is what community is all about. Good job!

Does anyone know if they (both parties) need donations and if so who or to donate?