Lacey Fowler seeking release from jail

July 16, 2015

Lacey FowlerFormer Cuesta College human resources analyst Lacey Fowler, who has been arrested four times in a span of less than two months, asked a San Luis Obispo judge to release her from jail. Judge Michael Duffy denied the request and instead raised her bail. [Tribune]

Fowler, 29, is facing numerous felony and misdemeanor charges, including one count pertaining to a breach of the Cuesta College data system. On Monday, she failed in her attempts to first flee from police and then to strike an officer.

On Wednesday, Fowler appeared in court for an arraignment hearing. She pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against her.

During the hearing, Fowler requested that she be released from jail while her court proceedings continue. After Duffy denied the request, Fowler’s public defender, Patricia Ashbaugh, asked the judge to reduce her bail.

But, Duffy set Fowler’s bail at $950,000 and said a high bail is appropriate. Duffy said, though, he would take input from the county probation department on the bail reduction request.

Fowler’s bail was set at $727,000 on Monday, after Paso Robles police officers managed to take her into custody.

Court records state Fowler forfeited $115,000 of previous bail.

Fowler’s felony charges include burglary, forgery, unlawfully accessing data and possession of methamphetamine and cocaine packaged for sale. The misdemeanors she faces include battery on a spouse, violating a restraining order and resisting arrest.

In late May, Fowler allegedly breached the Cuesta College data system remotely and emailed employee names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers to her private email account. When officers searched her home, they discovered more than four pounds of methamphetamine and heroin.

On July 6, Fowler failed to appear at a court hearing on the charges of unlawfully accessing data, spousal abuse and failure to comply with a restraining order. The following day, she allegedly burglarized a commercial vehicle and cashed a forged check at the Paso Robles Walmart.

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To Lacy:

Thank you for providing CCN and other lesser news outlets the Tabloid Fodder they all love to run with. It’s frantic nutjobs like you who sell papers (or click-bait), so for that, again, thank you.

You ‘conservatives’ are SICKER than this problem child Lacey Fowler. She needs help.

You retrograde ‘conservatives’ are beyond help.

You’re only redemption is if Brother Ted prays for you …but I’m thinking that’s futile.

You are beyond redemption.


I’ll rejoice when the trap doors of HELL drop ! I’ll applaud from the sidelines as you miserable clods plead for mercy !

Yes, slowerfaster, clearly they are. They are all out to get you, too, I bet!

Quick, check under your bed and in your closet, there might be some evil, vile, despicable “conservatives” there laying in wait to pounce on you!


Jail is the only way she will get any help. She won’t have access to drugs, and she won’t be able to commit more crimes. So, who’s sick and stupid. It’s you, Slowerfaster. Look in the mirror, it’s you.

Do you read ? Can you ?

Yes, Lacey Fowler will be away from society, hopefully away from drugs, and maybe…MAYBE, she can get her life back in order. It’s a slim chance, but at least a chance.

You brain-dead moron conservatives have no hope. You’ll never get better or be any good.

Slowerfaster is a troll. Don’t feed!

You really think when she is in jail she will not have access to drugs, reality is drugs use in the jail system is very high, from visitors, guards and staff employees bringing drugs into their facilities. As for crime, crime rates are reported to be low in prisons but most crimes are not reported and are handled within. So will she still have access to drugs and able to commit crime and have crime committed to her. It’s the jail life but it is what she needs.

Oh my citizen you think she will be away from drugs, prison has whatever drugs you want if you have something to trade for them.

She might not be able to commit any crimes but she will learn about other crimes she can commit when she get out.

But then you probably believe in rehabilitation actual occurs in prison and those poor people are just victims, they did not commit a crime, they are innocent.

Wow. The nerve of this woman. She realizes all too late that jail is not a fun place to be. Not to mention the fact that now she will have to withdraw from meth. Oh the humanity Lacey!

I say to you, “WOMANUP!”, and take it like a man!

Kudo’s to you Honorable Duffy. You showed great leadership and jurisprudence in this matter. I’m sure you’ll do the same after the receiving the probation departments recommendation.

Keep her where she belongs.

“Judge Michael Duffy denied the request and instead raised her bail”


Im disappointed they didnt deploy Rick Douchebar the bounty hunter. Ha ha ha

Please, don’t release her this time. She is a danger to herself and possibly to other people as well. She needs medical treatment for drug abuse.