Latinos surpass whites in California

July 8, 2015

race relationsCalifornia’s Latino population now exceeds its white population, recently released census figures show. [LA Times]

As of July 1, 2014, about 14.99 million Latinos lived in California. California’s white population, as of last summer, was 14.92 million, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

California had approximately 38.8 million residents in 2014. Latinos are expected to account for about 49 percent of the population by 2060.

In 1970, 2.4 million Latinos lived in California, accounting for 12 percent of the population. At the time, 15.5 million whites live in the state and comprised more than 75 percent of the population.

By 1990, 7.7 million residents, or 25 percent of the population, were Latino.

The current Latino population has a median age of 29. The median age of the white population is 45.

California is now the third state that does not have a white plurality. Hawaii and New Mexico are the other two.

Both California and Los Angeles County have the largest Latino populations among states and counties in the United States.

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When over 50% of the people/voters are on the dole of one type or another given by those same representatives, any wonder they continue to get elected… “Vote for me and I’ll give you free stuff,”…. works all then time. It just happened in SLO with all those raises…

What we need is someone who can straighten out our economy, close the leaky free money faucet and use some common sense. To hell with all the PC. I say Trump is the person and I’ll vote for him as President.

So where will they all go when they turn California into the new “mexico”??

California has been populated by the so called Mexican people for the last 10,000 years. In all that time there’s only been 166 years where white people were predominant–from the gold rush of 1849 until yesterday.

When you look at it in any picture bigger than 166 years, who’s the temporary intruder?

The earth was also populated by dinosaurs — it’s called evolution and change…the change being made up of the history of the United States of America and maybe because our idiotic politicians want to have the “statistics” we have to know who is what and what is who! Ridiculous! The only INTRUDERS are the people who have broken our laws and continually do so and TAKE advantage of our social programs…I don’t care if they are from Mexico, Japan, Ireland, Italy…you are NOT welcomed and should NOT get “freebies” when you have CHEATED your way into America. Do it the right way.

who is “they”???

last time I checked we live on a globe.

the corners of the earth are metaphor

unless you are educated stupid


In the 60’s the Govt had many projects in the works,locally hwy 46 was one such project, the right of ways had been bought and fencing moved,then along came WELFARE and poof there went our high way monies, we never have recovered from that mess and our still giving money away to people that are not productive,finally in the early 90’s winding of hwy 46 started and still today it continues.

Today we have a different waste of money, ILLEGALS, they are sucking our tax dollars down the road something fierce, just as many of the comments here have said anchor babies, now the govt wants to give away the farm for votes,wake up people this state is going to hell in a hand basket and we are letting them do it, and don’t give me the crap about field workers,we don’t need all the extra trash that comes with the field workers to get the job done,in case many of you forgot in the 50’s and 60’s we had a Mexican worker program, the govt brought workers to this country to work the crops and then they went back home again, guess who fudged that up,you got it our govt,see there was a hold back of wages that wasn’t paid till all the workers were back in their country,our lovely govt to this day still hasn’t paid that hold back money to those people,most of which most likely are dead.

As you can see there is a common denominator in this mess OUR GOVT, write your reps and demand they get busy doing something about the drain of our dollars and the overburden of illegals in this state.

Criminy …Vote for Donald Trump. Then ask him for a nickel. See how far that get’s ya !

About as far as if you asked a Democrat to cut welfare $$$$’s

Actually, Bill Clinton (D) cut welfare and also reduced the national debt.

BTW, Reagan (R) gave illegals amnesty, which encourages more to come.

Clinton did sign those bills, but do you think HE came up with them? Yowza. Already re-writing “ancient” history of 1996?