SLO police free 15-year-old girl from forced prostitution

July 30, 2015
Brianna Day Morales

Brianna Day Morales

San Luis Obispo police rescued a 15-year-old girl from forced labor as a prostitute and arrested three suspects on human trafficking charges Tuesday.

Both the girl and the primary suspect, a 16-year-old male, are from Manteca, a Central Valley city. Detectives believe the male juvenile, whom they are not identifying, forced the girl into acts of prostitution in cities north of San Luis Obispo, as well as throughout SLO County, according to a SLOPD news release.

The other two suspects, Brianna Day Morales and Fabio Bettencourt Silveira, are both 20-year-old residents of Chico. Investigators determined Morales and Silveira were involved in the conspiracy to force the victim into prostitution.

Police officers found the girl in a hotel room in the 1800 block of Monterey Street around 1:30 p.m. They searched the hotel after receiving a call from the Manteca Police Department reporting she was being held there against her will.

When officers found the victim, she was alone and terrified. She was then transported to the police department and given attention from qualified professionals.Fabio Bettencourt Silveira

Later, the teenage girl was reunited with her family.

The victim had been in SLO County since Saturday, according to the press release. She had been traveling with the 16-year-old male.

Around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, Morales was spotted as a passenger in a vehicle traveling in the 200 block Santa Rosa Street. Officers stopped the vehicle and took her into custody without incident.

Around 4:05 p.m., Silveira and the 16-year-old suspect returned to the hotel on Monterey Street. Officers took them into custody

The teenage boy and Morales are both charged with human trafficking, abduction for purposes of prostitution, false imprisonment and criminal conspiracy. Morales also faces a charge of child endangerment.

Silveira is charged with human trafficking and criminal conspiracy.

Officers booked the 16-year-old in the juvenile services center. Morales and Silveira were booked in San Luis Obsipo County Jail.

Silveira remains in jail with bail set at $70,000.

Morales’s bail was set at $100,000. As of Thursday morning, she is no longer in custody, according to the jail website.


Yeah something about this story stinks. How exactly did the Manteca police department come to find out that she was being held there against her will?

Theo P. Neustic

Right, because you obviously know everything about how the police work and how they are so bad, no matter what they do.


See, you have it backwards actually. You assume that because I have been critical of police that I therefore fit into some personality category. I’m on an opposing “team,” so to speak. And because of that, no matter what I say or why, you will interpret it through that lens.

My point had NOTHING to do with the police, whatsoever. My point was that I see some craziness and some things that don’t make sense,. And when I see that, I know that there is some dishonesty. I don’t think that girl is telling the truth to the police about what was going on. If she was, the moment she was left alone in the hotel room, she would have gone straight to a phone and called police. She is certainly a victim in some way, but she was also up to something on her own free will.

Really makes you wonder about how some people think. Are you in public safety?

JB Bronson

Calm down indigo1955, before you hurt yourself.

The photo of the female is of a 20 year old suspect.

The names of the 16 year old male suspect, nor the 15 year old female victim appear in this article.


Cal Coast News—-you had the choice to either protect the privacy rights of this minor—or not. Like any other predator–you exposed this minor child’s name and image-and inflicted more damage and more trauma by making this choice. I have been steadily whining about your downward spiral into the National Enquirer. You have now completed that transformation—arriving at a sickening set point–where one lacks ethics and exploits minor children that are crime victims. However, I don’t think you have the Enquirer’s deep pockets. And, I sincerely hope you pay for this choice to exploit—instead of protect.


Perhaps an apology is in order?


You are correct—and I skimmed the article after a friend texted me and told me that Cal Coast News had just revealed the identity of this 15 year old girl. I jumped too far ahead of the facts, and for that I offer a gracious apology.

And….I must be getting really old—she looked 15 to me!


” I skimmed the article after a friend texted me”

So how many people did your “friend” send this total falsehood to?

Does this happen often?


Everyone just cannot wait to unleash their pent-up anger. Best we ask ourselves why.




I thought the identity of juveniles are supposed to be protected. What do I know? This world is going to hell.


They are, the names of the arrested are not.

The education system in America is going to hell.


It’s called multitasking. He was probably reading while driving, so couldn’t comprehend either the words on his little screen or the fact a red light loomed ahead. :-)


Or perhaps texting indigo1955.


Well, I thought reading comprehension was still practiced. What do I know?


The only way out they know?

They should get an education, a trade, their circumstance allows for free student aid.

Too bad that for them and us that none of them (they) know the meaning of hardship until they get a government guaranteed student loan.

Rich in MB

Yep….another week another sexual dieveant story in the happiest city in the USA.

What next killing a lion and then Really getting attention?


Well, it could be showing a video of planned parenthood going through baby parts, but showing a video of them doing it (or even discussing it) is somehow worse than actually doing it.


Se was probably having fun until the drugs wore off or reality caught up with her.. then she’s the victim! According to the law how can you charge the 16 year old boy?? Maybe he’s a victim too ?? since he’s 16 he cant consent to anything right?? Maybe he was forced into this as well??


Whats next accusing the victim of being illegal or a democrat? Perhaps she was wearing skimpy outfit that makes it her fault somehow? (no not really)

America has more 16 year old’s in prison than any other country.

The ignorance is stunning, it’s 2015 people not 1915.


Its more likely they were setting up encounters with men on Craigslist.. not telling the men she was 15 and then when the guy shows up they rob him.. under the threat of calling the cops on him.. happens all the time.. what guy is going to call the cops and tell them he was robbed when hes meeting a girl for sex?? and then shes underage to boot!

I bet she wasn’t having sex with anyone.. except the 16 yo boy

She could’ve run but she didn’t??


Clueless jerk, party of 1?


I think you’re correct. Everyone wants to think the world is black and white, criminals and good citizens, perpetrators and victims… but that’s not the way it really is. I have no doubt that she is a victim of something these people were up to, but it’s very likely she was a perpetrator too. When the story doesn’t make sense, someone is lying.


really? I am supposed to believe this shyt?

being held against her will but found alone in a room?

15 years old alone in a room being held against her will.

nice fear mongering propaganda


joseywales says: “nice fear mongering propaganda”

Don’t let facts get in the way of the expert opinion/propaganda, next someone will blame the victims, then accuse them of being illegal or perhaps being a dem or gop etc .

“In the US, poverty, deprivation and exploitation draw thousands of its own children down into a dark underworld that offers few ways out.

It is a world few Americans are aware of. But tens of thousands of American children are thought to be sexually exploited every year.

It’s believed that every night hundreds are sold for sex.

The FBI says child sex abuse is almost at an epidemic level, despite the agency rescuing 600 children last year.” 30 July 2015


the FBI, police and government officials telling you that they need your money to fight crime? And you believe them?

the media supporting them in step? And you believe them?