Trump condemns murder of Cal Poly grad

July 4, 2015
Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle

Donald Trump has renewed his calls for tougher immigration laws after an illegal Mexican immigrant allegedly shot a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate on a pier in San Fransisco.

On Wednesday, Kathryn Steinle, 33, was walking with her father along Pier 14 when Francisco Sanchez, 45, allegedly gunned her down. Police said the murder of the 2009 Cal Poly graduate was a random attack.

Sanchez is a seven-time felon who had been deported to Mexico five times in the past, though he was permitted to stay in the United states after an arrest in March. Because San Francisco is a “Sanctuary City” that does not hand over people to immigration, officials released Sanchez on April 15 rather than deport him.

In light of Sanchez’s alleged murder of Steinle, Trump has called U.S. border controls an “absolute disgrace.” Trump, a presidential hopeful, has been under fire for alleged racist statements regarding illegal immigrants. He is using the murder of Steinle to repeat his calls for more restrictions on movement between Mexico and the United States.


Call your democrat rep and say…No more blood for votes….


Maybe if one of Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama’s family members is shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who has been deported 5 times, we’ll see some action. Until then, don’t count on it.

I guess American lives don’t matter.


This man is an Illegal Alien. People must stop giving these people legitimate status by using terms that do not describe what is clearly outlined in the statutes. They are referred to as alien so as not to give them the Status of a Legal Immigrant. It makes the people who have respected our laws and come here legally less and puts them on par with these Illegal Aliens. Undocumented, Illegal Immigrant all of these terms de-legitimize those who respect our borders and give the open border crowd the ability to control the argument. Words mean things!


I agree that words mean things:

Immigrant: A person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

Illegal: contrary to or forbidden by law.

Unfortunately actions mean more than words and we have an attorney general, a president and local authorities in San Francisco who ignore their oath of office when convenient for them to do so.


I agree that words mean things:

Racism: “Racism consists of ideologies and practices that seek to justify, or cause, the unequal distribution of privileges, rights or goods among different racial groups. Modern variants are often based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. These can take the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently.”

Don’t let that stop you from reminding people over and over about your hate for our President and Immigrants of all colors.

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Blue dress Hoy!

Birth certificate, Birth certificate, Birth certificate, swift boat Ho!

Arm chair legal scholars, just as good as Arm chair quarterbacks.


I will admit to hatred of those who murder young girls and those who have made that murder possible by not adequately enforcing our laws (5 times in this case).

Does that make one a racist?


Nobody mentioned the race of the illegal immigrant, you are the one injecting race into this. Your left-wing rant makes no sense and has nothing to do with the subject here. Hopefully your kind will go the way of the Dodo in 2016. (look it up if you don’t understand the reference).

Jorge Estrada

Very sad for the parents. SF should be ashamed of their policy which affords outlaws a safehaven among their disarmed legal residents.


Here is another very sad example of People and Cities who refuse to want to secure our borders. City, County, State and National officials and those in the public in general who have supported open borders or have refused to demand our borders be secured and all the bad guys to be deported have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!!! Deportation one time should be enough after which severe punishment should follow. However it appears that this creep was allowed to come back and be deported 4 more times!

This is one of so many instances of violence by Illegal aliens that appears to be ignored by the public in general. The creeps who want to use illegal aliens to work and literally recruit them should not only be ashamed but should be held accountable as accessories.

If you think i’m being over reactive look at the City just south of us called Santa Maria California. Look at the disaster there by the open border crowd in that City who want those Berrys to be picked. For God sake you have a former Lt Governor, ie appointed not elected who uses illegal alien workers all the time to get his berrys picked and whatever other crop he needs. All of those who refuse to verify through e verify should be so ashamed but of course they are not. Theres no shame simply greed! our country is in so much trouble when truth gets attacked like has happened with Mr Trump. The way we push back against this is to make it crystal clear to the open border crowd is vote for Trump and tell the open border crowd we are not going to be quiet and we are going to stop being silent. I have attempted to be proactive on this issue for many years and have been blackballed, threatened, and had every other tactic used on me to shut me up! So you know what I say ITS NOT OK!!! Its long past due to take your country back!!!


Come on Slanders, where are you? We need your guidance!


The borders are wide open, I think the liberals need to finally come clean with why they want them open. They need an ever growing underclass to stay in power and this is their way of achieving it. All at the cost of the lives and livelihood of American citizens.

Talk about blood for oil…what about blood for votes?


Such a tragedy for the family of Ms. Steinle. My condolences……

The root problem is the handgun. How did this man obtain this? I heard in a “trash can” – unlikely. 10,000 Americans die from handguns vs. a handful in European countries.

If America wants to stop undocumented workers (from all countries by the way, not just Mexico), boycott the thousands of fast food restaurants that employ them. Write your Congress people about the IRS “status quo” of allowing undocumented workers to be employed, pay federal and state taxes using ITN numbers that employers accept despite receiving “No match” letters from Social Security.

If every employer was required to validate a Social Security number prior to hiring anyone, illegal employment would decline. It is the big corporations like McDonalds that enjoy the “cheap” labor as well as the other service industries like hotels, landscaping, and housekeeping. The trades as well have many such employees.

Americans wake up and boycott these businesses! It is our laws that allow the “undocumented” to work without obstacles. Allowing a 7 time felon to be “free” could be anyone in America. The prisons are overloaded apparently.

I wonder how people would reply if the gunman was a white, educated man? To single out the race card, is unfair. The issues are the gun, the “status quo” of undocumented workers that we taxpayers are mainly oblivious to, and the employers who benefit from cheap labor.


Anyone can buy a fake social security card for about $20 and a fake “green card” for the same in most cities.

This permits the illegal employement of people who would go elsewhere.


Rambunctious says:”The borders are wide open, I think the liberals need to finally come clean with why they want them open. ”

Fox news bullshit.


See no evil hear no evil speak no truth…


Everything is Awesome!


Wait til we start having the epidemics we are ill prepared for, CDC is finally starting to protest


Trump is straight out of that warren beatty movie Bulworth. He is the one politician with the balls to speak the truth and when the pc police come out of the woodwork, he doesn’t back pedal but he doubles down. His popularity is soaring as a result.

Fun to watch the other republican candidates stammer and stutter over this while tha fat assed old hag Hillary Clinton scarfs down ice cream on some boardwalk winkle being asked scripted questions by her own political operatives. Exposé them all for what they are Donald!


No, it’s all smoke and bullshit. It is really about making Jeb Bush more palpable to the masses by letting Trump carry the crazywater and therefore “Jeb” seems reasonable.

This happens every election season, people forget so easy.


Republican voters won’t vote for Jeb Bush. He’s a liberal. See Mitt Romney, John McCain…etc… I agree that the RNC will push Bush for the nomination paving the way for the matriarch of the Clinton crime family to be our next president.


I am a liberal. I do not like Fox News or Rush Limbaugh. I do not like Donald trump but I completely agree with Trump that we need to stop immigration. Most of the families I saw in Pismo were young Mexican families in their low to mid twenties with 2 or 3 kids. The kids were running all over the place and the parents had trash and all their stuff spread all over the place. Half the girls were pregnant with a 4th kid.

Hispanics are already the majority in California. What is going to happen when these kids start multiplying when they turn 18? Mexicans will make up 75% of California im 10 years.

The companies pulling out of Trumps businesses are only doing it because of the large numbers of Mexicans that are consumers. A family of 6 Mexicans are obviously buying more things that a family of 3 white people.

If Trump was pointing out a smaller ethnic group like Haitians, Cubans or somebody else this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Something needs to be done about the flow of immigrants. It’s a good thing that Trump is stirring the pot.


Companies pulling out have nothing to do with sales, but with pressure from professional rabble rousers who threaten the businesses. That is how the minority effects change these days. Why do you think al sharpton and Jesse Jackson exist? To shake down weak companies.


achillesheal says: “Why do you think al sharpton and Jesse Jackson exist? To shake down weak companies. ”

This is how the fear motivated perceived white minority effects change these days. Anything to vilify any connection to anyone running for office, paid for media yanking your tail, profit!

Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi! Yo!


Then please explain to me why Al Sharpton is relevant and how he manages to stay out of jail even though he doesn’t pay his taxes?


Like you are five years old; when Al Sharpton was a baby jim crow was in full force across the south, because of(life) work he and others like him performed this is no longer the case; see the(postcards) photographic records of the human rights struggle, we have not had a actual publicly advertised lynching here since 1957 (within my lifetime) like Pat Roberson I think Al has religious exemption with the IRS. the enablers of the MLK murder never went to jail either ,


Something to be done? Quit being a “liberal,”aka leftwinger, socialism/globalism obaMao-lover. Take responsibility for cleaning up the mess made by them.

Vote every democrap nd RINO-democrap OUT, and have courage to reverse “liberal” policies ruining our country and effecting the rest of the world.


I hate the Liberal Democrats too but I don’t want another Republican like George W. Bush that invaded Iraq against all reason and gave Iran the Middle East on a silver platter. Big an asshole as Trump is, I might just have to vote for him.


About a year ago, I read a story out of San Diego, Ca. that said in the county of San Diego, 45% of Latino children will not graduate and/or

finish high school. In some high schools, Latino’s are the majority of kids. So imagine how many do not finish high school. These kids drop out for all kinds of reasons, many of the girls get pregnant, boys drop out to join gangs. Some could care less about getting an education. Those kids will become a burden to society, and tax payers will wind up subsidizing their lives and taking care of them. Has anyone noticed how many of California’s

problems started when the amnesty of the mid 80’s took place.

Good luck California, the state is broken.


Zuma7: Agreed! WHY do we feel it so necessary to REWARD BAD BEHAVIOR??? Our politicans have lost all regard for the American Citizens and the Immigrants that FOLLOW THE RULES/LAWS!! But, then again, they (politicians) don’t have very good morals/standards themselves. I was very disappointed with Pres. Reagan when he did the amnesty….how dumb! They thought by “giving away the farm” that they would stop the flow of people who could care less about our laws and definitely DO NOT care about “America” and what we stand for. Like the criminal who shot this poor girl. Did he care about coming to America to work or assimulate? I also get so stink’in tired of the politician saying that the Mexican illegals only come here to work. Well, what about protecting the jobs that should be going to AMERICANS?? The construction industry has been overran, the fast-food restaurants, housekeeping, etc. It’s NOT JUST the farm workers who get jobs. And if they weren’t here then maybe some of our lazy ass welfare suckers should be REQUIRED to work a job in order to get some assistance. Yes, working in the fields is hard work (done it) but then again, think about how many OTHER dirty, long back breaking jobs there are…it’s not just the farm workers – but whaaaaaa, you never hear about that. Watch “dirty jobs” and you’ll see some jobs that are dirty and undesirable. And adding to your stats…I heard that 2/3’s of the illegas in California reside in the Los Angeles area…..sooooooo, they’re not all doing the farm work they talk about. Like I said they’re taking other jobs away from Americans…yes, entry level but jobs that Americans could/would do if it weren’t for the illegals!!!


They used to kid and call Pismo Portagee Palm springs, now its the mexican Mediterranean.


I hope the momentum Trump has started about illegal immigrants continues. The fact that big businesses and politicians are protecting the immigrants is proof that illegal immigrants are winning.

Trump is sticking up for legal residents but he is getting pushback by the most powerful people and business in the US. Pretty weird.

Legals vs. illegals. Victory goes to the illegals in June 2015. We will see how it goes the rest of the year and next year.

I have my doubts.


I’m a a long time Union member and my Union has not said a word about slowing the rate of illegal immigration. They want the dues these people will put in their accounts so they can blindly support democrats. The unions have sold out their American workers by being silent on this issue. Conservatives believe in border control. When the polls state that people support immigration reform it does not mean amnesty.


Better not let your union find out that you can think for yourself.