Trump condemns murder of Cal Poly grad

July 4, 2015
Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle

Donald Trump has renewed his calls for tougher immigration laws after an illegal Mexican immigrant allegedly shot a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate on a pier in San Fransisco.

On Wednesday, Kathryn Steinle, 33, was walking with her father along Pier 14 when Francisco Sanchez, 45, allegedly gunned her down. Police said the murder of the 2009 Cal Poly graduate was a random attack.

Sanchez is a seven-time felon who had been deported to Mexico five times in the past, though he was permitted to stay in the United states after an arrest in March. Because San Francisco is a “Sanctuary City” that does not hand over people to immigration, officials released Sanchez on April 15 rather than deport him.

In light of Sanchez’s alleged murder of Steinle, Trump has called U.S. border controls an “absolute disgrace.” Trump, a presidential hopeful, has been under fire for alleged racist statements regarding illegal immigrants. He is using the murder of Steinle to repeat his calls for more restrictions on movement between Mexico and the United States.


Deplorable. Despicable. No words can adequately describe the utter heinousness of Francisco Sanchez’s alleged act of killing Kathryn (“Kate”) Steinle. Per : “The suspect later told police that he was shooting at sea lions, but hit Steinle, a source familiar with the investigation told The Chronicle.” Assume for a brief moment Sanchez’s warped mind truly condones shooting sea lions. Gunning down sea lions in broad daylight in front of a crowd of witnesses in San Francisco Bay? But, ooops, I missed and killed a human being so I ran away. WHAT? It is inconceivable Sanchez was roaming the streets of San Francisco. California’s “Model City” that PROTECTS KNOWN CRIMINALS while transforming The City into an “Unsanctuary” for all law-abiding citizens. I second Perspicacious and will vote for Trump!


immigration and criminal are completely different branches of the judiciary for a reason,


I’ll tell you what, someone shoots my kid, and I will tear out their carotid in half a second. Totally justifiable, and I would totally feel better afterward. I would not bat an eye. My kid would still be gone, but that POS would not be sitting comfy in a jail on my tax dime.

If this seems unnecessarily brutal, keep in mind I am a parent, and articles like this of a POS needlessly harming someone’s child (even though she was an adult, she was someone’s baby) invokes a rage I felt the need to describe.

Donald Trump is right about illegal immigration in general. We have NO IDEA who is in our country. That is NOT OK. K, I feel better now.


Slower faster guns are illegal in Mexico and That hasn’t stopped the violence there.


I didn’t see anything in Trump’s original comments that deserved the kind of hysterical reaction it has gotten. I also couldn’t find any transcripts of his words for the longest time. I only saw what the media “said” he said. When I found a transcript, there was nothing wrong with what he said, it was the truth. Trump for president!


So lets see, now that he has committed murder can he no longer be granted amnesty, or get insurance, or a driver’s license, or insurance, of a college degree, or be admitted to law school, or become a lawyer or a judge someday?????? Well, that’s just out and out discrimination!


I doubt that this criminal had any of those things you cite …or ever would.

Yet, somehow he managed to obtain a gun.

That’s what this senseless tragedy should be about.

Condolences to the family and friends of Ms. Steinle.

She’s just another sad statistic, where every day in America 289 people are shot and 86 of them die.


But her returned 7 times…it must have been for some government sponsored handout his own country would not provide.


Yeah Slowerfaster, the gun was the problem in this tragedy.


You bring up a good point. Absence a gun, would there have been a tragedy ?

Kevin Rice

Yes. A seven-time illegal alien felon still in the country is a tragedy.


Another pathetic attempt to deflect the conversation. That’s. 0.00000096% chance of being shot. How many of those were justifiable? How many by LEO? How many by criminals? You’re mental gymnastics and willful ignorance to a real problem is disturbing


What about “Dreams” for OUR own children?

Mr. Holly

Hooray for The Donald. I think that he may be the new spokesman for what many Americans know and are concerned about. Most of the politicians are really getting thin skinned and refrain from commenting on the issues in fear that they may lose a vote. Maybe they should start caring about us the ones who are paying the bills.


Trump has a point. Our society is afraid to address this issue because they don’t want to appear to be racist, even if the illegal immigrants openly flaunt the law knowing that they can always come back over the border if deported. If the penalty for committing a felony is deportation rather than prison, why not commit more crimes? Even using the word “Mexican” is avoided these days as not being PC since even this is perceived as being racist. The flow of illegal immigrants won’t stop until every citizen south of the border has finally immigrated into the US. When will the public address this reality?????


It is bad. My older kid (in SLO high) was telling me about a conversation in one of his classes, and someone was describing someone and said something along the lines of, “There were a lot of Mexicans there (at some sporting event)” – another student immediately interrupted and said, “That’s racist!” Yes, describing someone as “Mexican” was considered racist by this student. Good job, everyone! Now, if only we handled those Canadians the same way!


What should one fear more?

Being called a baseless name,….. or losing your family ….and livelihood?


SFO a sanctuary city? This state is a sanctuary state, who is kidding who?

Condolences to her family. Hoping we get a president with a backbone soon.


There is more to this. It sounds like a hit. This guy with an extensive criminal record just selectively takes her life–and shoots no one else? It needs a deeper look-see. In fact, it sounds like one of those conspiracy theories designed to abolish our right to arms. I wouldn’t ordinarily say that….but this is just too damned random!


Aren’t too many things in life, “just too damned random!”

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