Trump condemns murder of Cal Poly grad

July 4, 2015
Kathryn Steinle

Kathryn Steinle

Donald Trump has renewed his calls for tougher immigration laws after an illegal Mexican immigrant allegedly shot a Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate on a pier in San Fransisco.

On Wednesday, Kathryn Steinle, 33, was walking with her father along Pier 14 when Francisco Sanchez, 45, allegedly gunned her down. Police said the murder of the 2009 Cal Poly graduate was a random attack.

Sanchez is a seven-time felon who had been deported to Mexico five times in the past, though he was permitted to stay in the United states after an arrest in March. Because San Francisco is a “Sanctuary City” that does not hand over people to immigration, officials released Sanchez on April 15 rather than deport him.

In light of Sanchez’s alleged murder of Steinle, Trump has called U.S. border controls an “absolute disgrace.” Trump, a presidential hopeful, has been under fire for alleged racist statements regarding illegal immigrants. He is using the murder of Steinle to repeat his calls for more restrictions on movement between Mexico and the United States.


Hey, the guy says he was just shooting at sea lions, which absent liberal gun control and environmental laws, would be legal.


Just want to remind you all that Trump is a nut job, who appeals to the racist base of the Republican party….


Just want to remind you, SandyK, that empty labels like “racist” are so over-used by “air headed liberals” that they lose meaning. Nice empty try at character assassination of an outspoken conservative.

Trump is noting a severe and on-going failure of a nation to protect it’s borders, nothing more. His outspoken speech is a breath of fresh air for conservatives begging for a conservative instead of the weeping, sniveling, caves-on-everything Boehner.

I suspect if Trump were president instead of the Fundamental Transformer, this woman would be blessedly alive and shining in her life and beauty, not in a grave somewhere, thanks to incarcerating/shooting/incinerating this perp during his third, fourth, or fifth recursion into our homeland.


It is a sad tragedy that has happened. I don’t think blaming Obama is useful. That being said, I hope Trump wins the Republican nomination. It’s the easiest route to get a Democrat in the White House.

Russ J

Edwin Ramos,a celebrity MS13 gang member also called S.F. his home. Even though he had committed numerous crimes and was a known gangster, San Francisco kept him from ICE deportation proceedings that would have sent him packing to his El Salvador homeland. On June 2, 2008, Tony Bologna and his two sons were gunned down in a road rage event by Ramos and subsequently died from their injuries. Thanks all you bleeding heart POS’s for harboring these foreign national crap heads!


My family has had trouble from immigrants ever since we came to this country.


We are talking about ILLEGAL Criminal-aliens.

Make the distinction.


Anyone who enters the county illegally IS a criminal!

black sheep

my heart goes out to the family/friends. trump has been on the forefront of multi million/billion dollar companies dropping out of business due to his remarks during a presidential campaign on his stance with mexico. I find it highly unlikely something as random as this would occur that fast. while not impossible… a week or three ago there was that attack on the lady walking in avila. not sure if he was illegal though. you can also say that about anyone, I understand illegal immigrants are an issue, but it isn’t like they are the only people/race that commits serious crime. it is nice to think we live in a world where you are free to go as you please, free of hate/fear/predators. but fact is anyone who was attacked, even by mountain lions while hiking, didnt wake up that day and think- oh im going to get attacked today.. hate for it to be this way but stats show areas/states where more concealed carry permits issued, the less violence. and it doesnt have to be a negative thing at all, take the family to the range, take some classes and have some fun. good sport too


My guess is that the reporter wasn’t allowed to emphasize that the criminal stalking in Avila was just that: a Criminal-Illegal Alien.

black sheep

perhaps, maybe the guy who robbed and stabbed the clerk at 711 in grover was as well. my point is attacks such as these are fairly easily prevented if you are prepared.


Hows this idea, we give all illegal aliens 90 days to leave, if they leave in that time frame they can take all their stuff with them, if they don’t we just start chucking them over the border. And we build a real border like other countries have, and we start enforcing all our laws. No picking and choosing which laws are enforced. Anybody else tired of the crap going on in our United States?


I’m sorry, but your proposal cuts into the profits of Republican businesses. Democrats and labor have wanted border control for decades but there is no longer any point. You want a third world labor force, you got it. But you also have all the social welfare obligations. Your $15/hr + company benefits and retirement Midwest union meat-packer is now $7.50/hr immigrant labor with benefits, including being paid to breed, courtesy of the government. All you Ayn Rand readers happy now?


90 minutes would be better.


Just go ahead and give Ca. to Mexico.


They already have.


Give up?

Yes they did, now back to duck hunting, kardashian’s and narcissistic social media.

Think how many gave there lives for American freedom, only to have later generations give up because what? Too hard? your soap is on? Football?

Happy 4th.


Sad that America means so little to you, to just give up.

And people call immigrants lazy, if American’s could control the borders with TV remotes it would be done already.


Gov. Jerry Brown

started giving

Calif. to Mexico / Mexicans

years ago…

Go to many Central Coast grammar schools…

Like Del Mar Elementary in Morro Bay. They have a large population

of non English speaking children.

Also most of the entry level jobs are taken and managed by Mexicans, legal and otherwise, and are passed on from one family member to another

when one of them moves on or quits.

Burger King and McDonalds in SLO, Pismo, and Morro Bay come to mind.


I hope that family sues San Francisco and wins the whole damn city!


I agree with CentralCoast RN. Through ask the loopholes and poor enforcement of our remaining realistic laws, we haven’t the faintest clue of who resides in this country. Even if we do know of a criminal, there isn’t much we can/are willing to do.

This is absolutely heartbreaking. Young woman, full of potential, list to inane violence.