Father shoots son, police arrest son

August 19, 2015

crime sceneA man shot his son during an argument at a Santa Maria home Monday night, but when police responded, they arrested the son. [KCOY]

Around 11:10 p.m., Santa Maria police responded to a reported shooting in the 3400 block of Greenacre Drive. When officers arrived, a man at the residence told them that he shot his son.

The father said he and his son got in a heated argument, during which his son came at him with a knife. The man said he shot his son to stop the attack.

The son, 24-year-old Alberto Flores, suffered a bullet wound and non-life threatening injuries. He then fled, according to police.

Officers located Flores and arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats.

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So I am confused.

The dad SAYS his kid came at him with a knife. Is he cut or hurt?

So the son actually gets SHOT, and they arrest HIM?

Did I miss something?

Did the son admit to charging at his dad with a knife? Why was the SON arrested when HE was the one shot?

I am missing this information.


You’re one of those weirdo’s who want’s everyone to wait to defend themselves after the violent act . Well Miss, had he actually started raping you yet was there penetration before you shot him? Sir he hardly cut you how do you know he would have stabbed you in the gut? Yes you missed something. I hope you are not really a nurse.


I am a person who just thought some of the story was missing. I didn’t make any judgments, just wondered if something could be clarified before I assumed a whole lot of things about situations and people I do not know.

If someone was a threat to me and I had a weapon, there is one decision I would need to make. If I wield that weapon to the assailant, I had better be ready to use it, and use it quickly. As a female, I am already at a disadvantage. If I am going to use a knife or gun, I had better do it, and do it quickly or risk being disarmed and have my own weapon used ON ME.

The scenario you present to me, a rapey stranger in my home, is different than a father-son fighting issue. A stranger in my home would be a LOT easier to shoot/stab than my own kid. I only wondered what caused the fight, and if the son admitted to charging at his dad with a knife.

Have a great day.