Felon photographs kids in Nipomo, then flees

August 8, 2015
Blaise Douglas Olaf Borgen

Blaise Douglas Olaf Borgen

An Arroyo Grande felon carrying drugs, ammo and a gun took photos of children playing in a Nipomo yard Friday morning, then led sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed chase.

Around 9:30 a.m., the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s office received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 100 block Oakglen Avenue. The caller said the driver was taking photos of her children who were playing outside the home, according a sheriff’s news release.

The caller described the vehicle and provided its license plate number. Sheriff’s deputies then found a vehicle that matched the description in a gas station parking lot at West Tefft Street and U.S. Highway 101.

When deputies contacted the driver, they noticed drug paraphernalia next to the man. The deputies also knew the driver, 27-year-old Blaise Douglas Olaf Borgen, was on felony probation.

The deputies asked Borgen to step out of the car. Borgen then took off heading northbound on Highway 101.

The suspect led deputies on a chase that reached speeds of up to 100 mph. Borgen then exited the highway and stopped at a dead end at Poppy Lane off Dale Avenue in rural Arroyo Grande.

Borgen fled on foot, but neighbors in the area chased him down after hearing the commotion. The neighbors managed to subdue Borgen as deputies arrived.

No accidents or injuries occurred during the chase.

Deputies arrested Borgen for felony evading an officer, possession of ammunition, possession of a controlled substance, violation of probation and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Borgen was booked in San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he remains with bail set at $25,000.

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A murderous pedophile named Joseph Duncan began his murder, kidnap, rape and more murder tirade with a bit of surveillance and night vision. Killed all the adults with a hammer to gain access to the children.

I was pulled over with a lb of weed and had the same bail- u got to be kidding me

According to statistics, you would have been less likely to be pulled over and had lower or no bail….if you were a white sheep.

What’s the first thing you do when a crazy man with a gun runs on to your property?

Why, you whip out your phone to make sure you capture the whole thing on video do that you can share it with the media! #15minutesoffame #nowthatwehavesmartphonesthereisnoreasontohavecommonsense !

That seems like a very low bail amount……considering that he already made a pretty good effort to flee. I do not get it.

Like the judge has no clue we’re living in 2015 with a FELON who knows how to work the system. I don’t get it either!

Great Job! to our police!

Haha. Kudos to the neighbors who got involved in keeping their city safe.

With a name like Olaf Borgen, the media must investigate the immigration status of this criminal. I bet he jumped off a Norwegian freighter years ago.

yeah, that would make sense because you know they are all rapists. ok, i assume some are good people, but probably not this guy.