Illegal immigrants accused of violent Central Coast attacks

August 5, 2015

immigrationBy JOSH FRIEDMAN

Two men accused of committing recent assaults that left Central Coast residents with serious injuries have been identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as illegal immigrants, and one of the suspects is now out of jail.

On July 24, a 64-year-old Santa Maria woman was sexually assaulted after a man broke into her house while she was sleeping. The woman was allegedly beaten with a hammer and suffered severe injuries during the violent struggle.

She died in the hospital eight days later. It is currently unknown whether she died as a result of the injuries sustained during the attack.

Last week, Paso Robles police announced a 2-year-old girl had suffered significant injuries, including multiple fractures, as a result of a beating committed by her mother’s live-in boyfriend. The girl had to be transferred to a special treatment facility in Madera because of the severity of her injuries.

Victor Aureliano Martinez

Victor Aureliano Martinez

Shortly following the sexual assault in Santa Maria, police arrested 29-year-old Victor Aureliano Martinez. He is charged with attempted murder and sexual assault and could face a murder charge, depending on the results of the investigation into the victim’s death.

Martinez is currently in Santa Barbara County Jail, according to Santa Maria police. Martinez is a Mexican national who entered the United States illegally, and he has reportedly been arrested four times in the last two years.

On Tuesday, Santa Maria police charged a second suspect in the sexual assault case. Jose Villagomez, 20, is also charged with attempted murder and sexual assault.

Villagomez was already in Santa Barbara County Jail, following an arrest on separate charges that occurred on July 28. Authorities have not stated publicly whether or not Villagomez is a legal resident.

Francisco Javier Chavez, 27, the live-in boyfriend who allegedly attacked the two-year-old Paso Robles girl, is also a Mexican national. Chavez has an extensive criminal history, and he was deported from the United States in 2014, according to ICE. [KSBY]

Chavez’s prior convictions include assault with a deadly weapon and drug trafficking counts.

Francisco Javier Chavez

Francisco Javier Chavez

On July 30, police arrested Chavez and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. ICE then issued a detainer request.

But, on the following day, Chavez posted $100,000 bail. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office then released him from jail.

California law bars law enforcement agencies from holding illegal immigrants in jail who are otherwise eligible for release. As a result, ICE detainer requests are non-binding in California.

In response to Chavez’s release from jail, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson issued a statement saying a 2014 court decision prohibits California sheriffs from placing an ICE hold on a jail inmate unless federal authorities issue a warrant for the suspect. Parkison said said he is not happy with the current state of the law on the issue.

AB 4, a bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2013, prohibits state and local law enforcement from keeping suspects in jail on an ICE hold after they become otherwise eligible for release. However, AB 4 states under certain circumstances, law enforcement can detain an individual on an immigration hold after the person becomes eligible for release.

Those circumstances include when the illegal immigrant has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. AB 4 also lists specific convictions that warrant an immigration hold. They include assault, child abuse, felony DUI, possession of an unlawful deadly weapon, drug trafficking, crime resulting in great bodily injury and possession or use of a firearm in an offense.

ICE alleges Chavez has convictions that include drug trafficking and assault with a deadly weapon offenses. Additionally, ICE says a drunk driving conviction in SLO County triggered his deportation last year. [Tribune]

Parkinson also said San Luis Obispo County is not like San Francisco, which is a sanctuary city and county. Authorities in sanctuary cities do not hand over suspects to immigration officers.

On July 1, an illegal immigrant allegedly shot and killed Cal Poly grad Kathryn Steinle, 32, at a San Francisco pier. The man arrested for the murder had been deported five times, but he was allowed to stay in the country following a March arrest because of San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city.

The Tribune reported that the two-year-old Paso Robles girl was in serious but stable condition, as of Monday. Her injuries include a broken leg, two broken arms, a compressed spine, bruises and a significant urinary tract infection.

She also had a 107-degree fever.

An autopsy will take place Thursday for Marilyn Pharis, the woman who died following the violent sexual assault in Santa Maria. A representative of her family said she died of a coronary embolism.


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So did ICE not notify the sheriff that this piece of garbage was qualified for holding or did the sheriff let him go anyway? Guess we all need to start carrying a weapon and be able to protect ourselves.


The Sheriff let him go, ICE as well as Probation wanted him held, Ian blew it again


It says in the article that California law prevents an ICE hold if bail is met…why is that the fault of Parkinson. Seems to me the Brown is the guy who signed the law, go after him


OK, you people on the left, let’s hear your defense of these two guys-GO!


They should have a lawyer as per our system. Other than that why are you trolling?

A little confused you are.


No, usually there are a few Progressives here that stand up for their side no matter what the issue. This issue of illegal immigrants getting a “get-out-of-jail-free” card, no matter the crime, has me boggled. Trump could win strictly on building a fence and sending all illegals back to whence they came. I really thought there would be more bleeding hearts posting comments.


shelworth says:”No, usually there are a few Progressives here that stand up for their side no matter what the issue.”

Yes, this is why it’s called trolling.

Also if people want a wall, it should be crowd funded (you people want less spending, less government right?) and manned by volunteers (who need to be kept busy and work for free).

Just like the proposed wall around San Francisco


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Liberals believe in law enforcement, too. If convicted, Martinez should fry and Chávez should rot in a dark hole for years before being deported again.


Sure, but in a Mexican prison, at Mexico’s expense, not ours.


Just like the guys we have locked up in Cuba?


Silly conservatives still believe in laws, order, rules and process. While the right metaphorically stand and pound a gavel, demanding order, the left runs amok, creating chaos from all directions. The left, and especially this administration, know that they can simply ignore any laws that are not convenient to their agenda, and the liberal media is sure to give them cover.

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“When all hell finally breaks loose ” End of the world eh?

Both sides ignore the laws that are inconvenient, both side accuse the other of doing it. Keep flailing that broad brush around, you will get something with paint on it eventually.

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Hey KettleCorn – The term “when all hell breaks loose” is a colloquialism, akin to “when the shit hits the fan”. That’s a very large leap from there to “the end of the world,” but that could be expected from one who might make a prejudicial projection of a stereotypical assumption onto another’s viewpoint. You seem to be “painting with a broad brush,” and still missing the point. In fact, an intellectually astute critic might be more correct to suggest I was using a “dog-whistle” approach to encourage preparation for civil unrest.

I won’t bother waiting to read your response, because I am leaving to tend to my profession. I suggest you put some pants on and go look for work today.


“KettleCorn” what are you 8 years old?

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These folks are giving “illegal” a bad name.


It IS a bad name. Breaking the law makes you a criminal, period.


I’m still confused about what part of illegal is being misunderstood. There is no illegal activity allowed or condoned that I know of in the United States. Why then are people who known to be committing illegal behavior allowed to continue to do and in the case of illegal immigrants also being rewarded for it. Even protected classes; mentally ill, developmentally disabled etc. are not allowed to participate in illegal activity. Breaking the law is breaking the law and should be prosecuted accordingly and equally across the board. These two particular offenders are especially heinous and yet are released?


immigration law is one branch of federal law. boards come from one issues.

criminal law is another branch , deals with behavior issues.

one system of laws for criminal behaviors.

another system for people without proper papers naturalization issues .

Our system working, the criminal bad man is now locked up. Justice was processed because of proper police work. hurray.

Some “map issue men” are parks commissioners because they are working in the community contributing with their families that is what qualifies people.

Dance like in this way , check and balance our system tis better every day hurray !

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These bad guys are such a drain on our system, it just doesn’t make sense that we don’t make more of an attempt to keep them out.

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Sure until we build a wall

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Rich in MB

Yep….without Border you have no Country (which is what the progressives want)


More broad brush Bullshit. re: (which is what the progressives want)

Benghazi Benghazi Kenya birth certificate swift boat ho!

Rich in MB

Looks like Donald Trump was right!

What will the left do and say now that their world view had been shown to be false?

Murders, Rapes….how many more Americans much suffer so the Democrats can try and expand their future voting base at the expense of American Citizens?

Look at the stats on the number of Illegal immigrants in Federal and State prisons…they are flooded with Illegal Immigrants.

It kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase that illegal immigrants are busy doing the jobs that Americans won’t do!


Please vote for the Donald, often.

Rich in MB

No one said anything about VOTING for Donald…(Reading Comprehension)…its just needs to be noted that his comments about Illegal Immigrants has been proven right once the Media and people take the time to get past their PC outrage and look at the FACTS.



“No one said anything about VOTING for Donald…(Reading Comprehension)”

I just did, do you have Reading Comprehension?

Also Donald is full of it, most of the time.

See Rich in MB when you attack “the left” with your broad brush everything you say is diminished.

Benghazi Benghazi Kenya birth certificate swift boat ho!


So what is the issue with discussing the administrations handling of Benghazi? Just because Prez Barry and Prez in waiting Hillary want to cover it up doesn’t mean that the issue is not valid.


Because Benghazi has nothing to do with a Murder in Santa Maria.

Talking about the Donald won’t solve any murders or save anyone.

Our problems with the unsecure borders predate the current administration by decades, however many members of our do nothing congress have been here all along and did what?

The thin attempts to make our current president the fall guy for 50 years of border failure is election posturing. Lets use as a yardstick all of the advances in border security we received from Reagan, Bush 1 &2?

Jorge Estrada

I wonder if Chapo will let Donald talk about this anymore?

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