Illegal immigrants accused of violent Central Coast attacks

August 5, 2015

immigrationBy JOSH FRIEDMAN

Two men accused of committing recent assaults that left Central Coast residents with serious injuries have been identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as illegal immigrants, and one of the suspects is now out of jail.

On July 24, a 64-year-old Santa Maria woman was sexually assaulted after a man broke into her house while she was sleeping. The woman was allegedly beaten with a hammer and suffered severe injuries during the violent struggle.

She died in the hospital eight days later. It is currently unknown whether she died as a result of the injuries sustained during the attack.

Last week, Paso Robles police announced a 2-year-old girl had suffered significant injuries, including multiple fractures, as a result of a beating committed by her mother’s live-in boyfriend. The girl had to be transferred to a special treatment facility in Madera because of the severity of her injuries.

Victor Aureliano Martinez

Victor Aureliano Martinez

Shortly following the sexual assault in Santa Maria, police arrested 29-year-old Victor Aureliano Martinez. He is charged with attempted murder and sexual assault and could face a murder charge, depending on the results of the investigation into the victim’s death.

Martinez is currently in Santa Barbara County Jail, according to Santa Maria police. Martinez is a Mexican national who entered the United States illegally, and he has reportedly been arrested four times in the last two years.

On Tuesday, Santa Maria police charged a second suspect in the sexual assault case. Jose Villagomez, 20, is also charged with attempted murder and sexual assault.

Villagomez was already in Santa Barbara County Jail, following an arrest on separate charges that occurred on July 28. Authorities have not stated publicly whether or not Villagomez is a legal resident.

Francisco Javier Chavez, 27, the live-in boyfriend who allegedly attacked the two-year-old Paso Robles girl, is also a Mexican national. Chavez has an extensive criminal history, and he was deported from the United States in 2014, according to ICE. [KSBY]

Chavez’s prior convictions include assault with a deadly weapon and drug trafficking counts.

Francisco Javier Chavez

Francisco Javier Chavez

On July 30, police arrested Chavez and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. ICE then issued a detainer request.

But, on the following day, Chavez posted $100,000 bail. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office then released him from jail.

California law bars law enforcement agencies from holding illegal immigrants in jail who are otherwise eligible for release. As a result, ICE detainer requests are non-binding in California.

In response to Chavez’s release from jail, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson issued a statement saying a 2014 court decision prohibits California sheriffs from placing an ICE hold on a jail inmate unless federal authorities issue a warrant for the suspect. Parkison said said he is not happy with the current state of the law on the issue.

AB 4, a bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2013, prohibits state and local law enforcement from keeping suspects in jail on an ICE hold after they become otherwise eligible for release. However, AB 4 states under certain circumstances, law enforcement can detain an individual on an immigration hold after the person becomes eligible for release.

Those circumstances include when the illegal immigrant has been convicted of a serious or violent felony. AB 4 also lists specific convictions that warrant an immigration hold. They include assault, child abuse, felony DUI, possession of an unlawful deadly weapon, drug trafficking, crime resulting in great bodily injury and possession or use of a firearm in an offense.

ICE alleges Chavez has convictions that include drug trafficking and assault with a deadly weapon offenses. Additionally, ICE says a drunk driving conviction in SLO County triggered his deportation last year. [Tribune]

Parkinson also said San Luis Obispo County is not like San Francisco, which is a sanctuary city and county. Authorities in sanctuary cities do not hand over suspects to immigration officers.

On July 1, an illegal immigrant allegedly shot and killed Cal Poly grad Kathryn Steinle, 32, at a San Francisco pier. The man arrested for the murder had been deported five times, but he was allowed to stay in the country following a March arrest because of San Francisco’s status as a sanctuary city.

The Tribune reported that the two-year-old Paso Robles girl was in serious but stable condition, as of Monday. Her injuries include a broken leg, two broken arms, a compressed spine, bruises and a significant urinary tract infection.

She also had a 107-degree fever.

An autopsy will take place Thursday for Marilyn Pharis, the woman who died following the violent sexual assault in Santa Maria. A representative of her family said she died of a coronary embolism.


Between Parkinson and Dan Dow neither is doing their job. Parkinson’s navy is a joke, so busy getting his face on TV, smoke and mirrors. Dow does nothing but plea bargain horrible crimes that do not fit the offence. Pretty boy Parkinson has done NOTHING to strengthen the department, instead spending tons of money for toys and media event whoring. Neither is here for the better of the community. They are the spokesmen for how to retire with big bucks at taxpayers expense. When you have a county that makes millionaires of public servants they lose focus on the job while they polish their nest eggs.


Parkinson will likely run for higher office in 2016 or 2018, he has plans.


The Sheriff in Kern County, Donny Youngblood, refuses to follow Governor Brown’s law or the court decisions, when it comes to violent offenders. Too bad more California sheriffs don’t have his “balls” and do what is right to protect their constituents.


Any immigrant, whether legal or illegal, documented or undocumented, commits a crime like either of these two yahoos should be incarcerated for a long time then deported.


And who should pay for this “long time incarceration”?, the taxpayers? why?


If you simply deport them, they’ll just come right back.


I like “Kate’s Law”. It says if you’re a felon and you come back you do a mandatory 5, come back after that and do 10 more. There are ways to deal with these people, ya just got to have the stomach for it.


Sounds like a great idea, but it would increase our costs even more, which is kayaknut’s concern.


How much is saving a life worth? It’s a question where there is no definitive answer. Is like priceless? If yes, then lock em up and swallow the cost.


When one crosses the border illegally, they are technically invading this country and should be given one warning to turn around, then shot dead. Its an easy situation to fix.

Ted Slanders


A very simple question for you, will you be the first to shoot and kill this innocent girl crossing our border because she ran from an horrific violent life in Honduras? A simple yes or no will suffice.


If I were a border patrol agent charged with enforcing the laws of the United States (rather than ignoring those laws), the answer is YES.


achillesheal says:” one warning to turn around, then shot dead.”

So what language will that one warning be in? English?

How long have you wanted young innocent people (many being christians and catholics) gunned down after one warning.?

Also “technically invading ” trying to equate this to a War? How very fox news of you.


Neither English nor Spanish. The warning would be a shot fired into the air.


So firing bullets into the air to fall randomly into another country, irresponsible gun use and you do want to start a war.

You know who else wanted to build a wall with guns and everything?


I would rather chase fascists into the sea at bayonet point.


So your solution is? 1. Leave them in the community to commit more crimes. 2. Deport them 5 times so they can come back to a sanctuary city and murder someone.


I guess it would be “intolerant” and not Politically Correct to mention that illegal aliens are criminals.


Cowardice and denial of evil are not virtues.


No, it would be redundant. Like Morro Rock.


So is CCN going to start tagging each legal immigrant as “legal” in the headline?

Unless there is something about the crime that shows it was committed because the criminals are undocumented immigrants, then tagging the criminals for being “illegal immigrants” is just fanning the flames of bigotism that is already present on message boards.


Remember this; if they were unable to break into our country, these crimes would not have been committed at all. It’s not bigotism or racism to want our borders secure.


Remember, it’s ‘undocumented’.


7 thumbs down? Where’s the humor, people?

Ted Slanders


Through Jesus’ spiritual presence with me tonight, He can’t believe that the Republicans have controlled the House and the majority in the Senate for the last eight months, and they’ve done absolutely NOTHING to practice what they preach in controlling our border to the south; NOTHING!

Now, if you need another laugh at the GOP, as if the recent “Clown Bus” of Republican hopefuls for the presidency isn’t enough, then here is one of the biggest GOP ironies to date. On July 31st, 2015, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was forced to cancel the vote on his border legislation after he didn’t have enough votes to pass it. Boehner then issued a press release demanding that Obama act alone to secure the border, but he is still suing President Obama for taking Executive Action back in January to act upon the border crisis to begin with! Is Boehner smart enough to realize that his own inability to do the most basic part of his job is not going to help his frivolous lawsuit against Obama?

In essence, it’s not okay for Obama to take executive action unless the House is paralyzed by Republican “Teabillies.” Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans can’t have their cake and eat it too because they can’t claim that President Obama is a tyrant, and at the same time, then tell him to act without them on the border crisis because they can’t do it. I know, STOP LAUGHING!

Republican Christians, listen up, until your GOP get’s off their sorry ass and actually does their job that they promised to this country relative to immigration on our Southern border since November 2014, just think of the innocent undocumented immigrants coming into the USA as post fetal persons who were saved from thousands of abortions, and show them the same love you give unwanted fetus’ and zygotes. Do I need to proffer, WWJD? I think not.

Jesus thanks you.


Thank you for the biblical insight, Ted. Here, all along, I just thought it was just an issue of avarice and greed. I had NO idea they were purposely going against Jesus’ teachings.


We don’t need more laws regarding immigration. We need to enforce them. Congress cannot insist that the President not issue executive orders instructing the Department of Justice and other Federal Law Enforcement agencies to ignore the laws that have been lawfully passed. Impeachment is the solution, but, politicians don’t have the stomach for that.


mbbizpro says:” Impeachment”

Our border problems are decades old, well before our current president. But you can pretend everything bad is all his fault, if that makes you feel better about the Bush years and the great advances in border security and health care that happened then.

And then all of the great work our congress has done voting on repealing the ACA 50? times when they could have been helping to secure our border and generate some jobs instead of sucking up to donors.

Plenty of blame to go all around.

Ted Slanders


What part of this recent new’s story didn’t you understand?

“Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) was forced to cancel the vote on his border legislation after he didn’t have enough votes to pass it. Boehner then issued a press release demanding that Obama act alone to secure the border, but he is still suing President Obama for taking Executive Action back in January to act upon the border crisis to begin with!”


A small price ( for someone else to pay ) for an unending stream of democrat votes.


I wonder if the fact the sheriff was away from his day job, working security at the fair when this criminal was let go played into the thugs release.

If the sheriff is at his second job at the fair, who is running the sheriff department?



Here indeed is the problem, the Sheriff is a political figure head he not run the Sheriff’s Dept. he has no idea what is happening in the community. He had the audacity to dispatch over 6 of his personal thugs to try and intimidate me from testifying in a trial against a county employee.

The departments head many have no respect or nor is he trusted any-longer, photos with his arms around known drug dealers, many photos of his free trips to Vegas and LA free tickets to many events. He is out of the loop on county wide major crimes, human trafficking, narco trafficking , money laundering, arms dealings.

His protection of criminals and others is a real light on a bad apple, allowing criminal activity to continue while he protects his friends, I can hardly wait to the trial against the County everything will be out in open court. Including records, +++


No one is they aren’t running it, they are RUINING it!