‘Because I can,’ Nipomo GM says as he resigns

September 22, 2015
Michael LeBrun

Michael LeBrun

Nipomo Community Services District General Manager Michael LeBrun has announced he is resigning, a CSD press release states.

LeBrun plans to retire by early 2016. Separately from the press release, LeBrun sent an email to media explaining his decision.

“Why the change? Because I can,” LeBrun said. “Over the past 25-plus years, my wife Susi and I have worked hard, saved and invested well, and we can now afford to work less and enjoy life more. In the past six years we have been blessed with six grandchildren who all live in our local area (six under 6!). A selfish move for sure.” [Tribune]

LeBrun also said he is leaving the district in great shape, and 50 years into its existence, the CSD is as strong as ever.

As general manager, LeBrun has overseen a $17.5 million project that pipes water from Santa Maria to Nipomo. In recent weeks, there have been complaints about the odor of the water and the additives within it.

LeBrun has dismissed allegations that the water is not safe.

LeBrun served multiple stints as district general manager and interim general manager. His time in the two position totalled nine years.

Last year, LeBrun received a $14,000 raise. In July 2014, his base salary jumped from $150,000 to more than $164,000.

The district board accepted LeBrun’s resignation on Sept. 9 and formed a subcommittee to oversee the recruitment of a new general manager. The district plans to hire a new general manger by early 2016.

LeBrun will assist with the recruitment process. He will also stay with the district until a new general manager is in place, according to the district press release.

“LeBrun’s announcement was long-planned and his retirement is well-deserved,” the news release states.

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Best wishes.

There are good public employees – like Michael LeBrun.

Nipomo’s loss for sure.

Another crook, because he can!

Maybe they’ll hire Ogren.

Now if Paavo from OCSD would do the same thing maybe things would start going smoother for the sanitation district.