California firefighter, deputy die in alleged murder-suicide

September 8, 2015

la-me-ln-firefighter-sheriff-deputy-die-la-can-002A Los Angeles County firefighter allegedly shot and killed his wife, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy, and then shot and killed himself Sunday night. [LA Times]

James M. Taylor, 35, killed Cecilia Hoschet, 32, inside the couple’s La Canada-Flintridge house around 10 p.m., according to the LA County Sheriff’s Office. Taylor then grabbed the couple’s 6-year-old boy, who was home at the time.

The firefighter dropped off the boy at a relative’s home without revealing what he had done. Taylor then drove his county-issued vehicle to the Pacoima fire facility where he worked.

Responders found Taylor dead of a single gunshot wound at the facility.

“We have no indication why this tragedy occurred,” Sheriff’s Lt. David Coleman said.

Taylor did not say anything to explain the plot. Nor did he leave a note, Coleman said.

The couple had no known history of domestic violence, restraining orders or divorce proceedings. They did file for bankruptcy in 2010 after an investment property became mired in debt, but they emerged from bankruptcy two years ago.

Taylor is additionally suspected of using an emergency services radio channel to report the murder just after committing it and to report the suicide in advance. On Sunday night, an unidentified male voice was heard on the emergency radio channel discussing DBs, or dead bodies.

“There’s going to be one DB,” the man said. “No assailant. You can let them know it’s clear.”

The voice was also heard saying there would be a DB at a Pacoima warehouse.

“Thank you and good night,” the man said at the end of the transmission.

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We might never know the personal dynamics that led to this tragedy,

But one thing we do know….that if a gun is available in a household, one is much more likely to be killed by it from a family member or used on ones-self.

It happened here, twice. And these were trained ‘professionals’.

Paramedics aren’t trained in firearms.

And you’re saying sheriff deputies shouldn’t have a gun available off duty.

OK, whatever.

Are you upset with facts, or just like making up red herring fake facts ?

The husband was indeed a ‘professional’ ….not some criminal intruder to defend against, which is the phony rationale of gun proliferation.

BTW, Chris Kyle ..the “American Sniper”, one of the supposedly highest trained in the use of firearms and his friend ( who was, too ), were both killed while having guns readily available at a firing range. So, the ‘good guy with a gun’ argument didn’t work too well there.

Look who’s upset and full of fake facts!

Paramedics aren’t trained in firearms. Paramedics are not professional firearms handlers. You have no basis for fake assertions here.

Good guys with guns won WWII, so that kinda puts a large whole in your wet blanket.

So sad. At least he didn’t kill his son like so many others that do this do but the damage he left him with…

My prayers are with the son and the rest of the loved ones effected by this tragedy.

We have to wonder what would possess a father to leave his 6-year old child an orphan.


Maybe he found out about the ‘new world order’ plan to control the planet, and how ‘law enforcement’ and ‘public safety’ personnel are being used to institute it & couldn’t handle knowing they’re a part of destroying their son’s future – and not being able to explain it to anyone to find resolution because most people are ‘programmed’ through government media and social media to balk at such realities, and knowing there’s little recourse for someone ‘in the business’, he decided to end it all for the two of them so they wouldn’t be involved in partaking in the destruction of the country & their son’s future.

Just a thought.

So a tragedy happens and it the fault of the ‘new world order’? Chemtrails, bengazi, immigration, lizards in human skins?

Why are you dragging a debunked global conspiracy theory into this?

Sympathy to the family’s involved in this tragedy.

Many people absolutely lose their minds when they find out we are living a total and complete lie. Our history is full of holes, the church continues to keep a vice grip on women’s reproductive rights (so we can continue breeding for supply and demand purposes), and the world has generally gone mad. Those of us who are aware of this elitist lie, have gone above and beyond just being surprised. We have delved into various theories, and the rabbit hole runs very, very deep.

One can no longer just be in denial–and poke fun at these theories. Scientists, astrophysicists, quantum physicists, particle physicists and so many more….are all confirming the theories discussed here. We live in a state where we never say…”wow, do you realize there were 18 of these murder suicides in the past 2 weeks?” We cannot remember….each one seems a novelty….it is the nature of the matrix. Next week: you will forget this one even happened.

Their son will not forget.