What bills are under consideration in California?

September 8, 2015

californiaCalifornia lawmakers have just four days left in this year’s regular session, and more than 300 bills are awaiting action. [LA Times]

Bills under consideration include proposals to fight climate change, legalize assisted suicide and increase tobacco and medical marijuana regulations. Also, special sessions on healthcare and transportation could extend beyond Friday, but leading lawmakers have said they want to finish their work this week.

There is currently heated debate over a bill that would require California to cut in half the use of gasoline to fuel cars within 15 years. The measure has passed the Senate, but it is facing opposition in the Assembly, and oil companies are strongly opposed.

An Assembly vote on an assisted suicide bill could occur as early as Tuesday. The bill would allow doctors to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients.

There is a package of six bills with proposed tobacco regulations. One of those bills would increase the smoking age to 21.

Another bill would ban e-cigarettes in public places, including restaurants. There is also a proposal to raise the tobacco tax to $2 per pack in order to fund expanded healthcare for the poor.

On the issue of medical marijuana, Governor Jerry Brown has been working with legislators to create a statewide plan for regulating medical cannabis. A proposed bill would allow dual licensing of dispensaries by cities and the state, and it would permit municipalities to revoke licenses.

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The only REAL bill that should be being considered is one that outlaws stupid legislators.

How about a bill that mandates for every law they pass they have to repeal 10.

By the year 2030, the world will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water than it did in 2012. They had better pass that suicide bill pretty darn quick. Unless the Catholic church decides birth control is allowed and women have control over their reproductive organs (rather than the Pope)….that is the only way we will be able to “thin the herd”.

Chestney, Nina (January 30, 2012). “World lacks enough food, fuel as population soars: U.N.”. Reuters. Retrieved March 5, 2012

My ecology teacher in seventh grade circa 1979 was saying the same thing about the year 2000, except we had run out of oil and we all froze to death because of the cooling planet.

Not quite sure why someone would click the thumbs down with your post.

How about a rebuttal if there is one based on statistics.

You are so right. The Catholic Church is responsible for part of the extreme poverty in Latin American because of their refusal to allow or support birth control. A family with one or two children has a much better chance of overcoming poverty than a family with eight or ten children.

The Catholic Church, while a cause of poverty, then turns around and insists that governments must be compassionate and take care of these impoverished people. The Pope could change the world with new birth control policies from the Church–but he has no real answer/concern for the poor or for climate change.

Over population is part of global climate change, so when will the Pope act on this fact. The sad truth is that no one will even ask him about this. Our media will be silent about birth control, over population, or even women’s rights to be priests, bishops. Perhaps, he will be asked about gay marriage, but that’s it.

Yeah, that whole multi-child retirement policy worked out so well for Africa, didn’t it? Yeesh, do you even hear yourself? The Church is at fault for part of the extreme poverty? Right, because they don’t feed, cloth, and sometimes house the poor. There are not millions of dollars a year spent directly on the poor (hear that United Way?).

I’ll tell you right now (and I am NOT a Roman Catholic), but the church is a HELLUVA lot more efficient at truly helping the poor than any government I’ve ever seen. Most governments are what cause poverty through disastrous financial planning and meddling in people’s lives.

How about passing a bill to increase water storage in this state. Our so called leaders have done 0 to address this. Brown claims we will all burn and the drought has NOTHING to do with the lack of water storage. True no rain has fallen for some time, but if we store what falls Porterville wouldn’t be pumping dust to the people no would they?. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

Many people are suffering, The legislature should pass the ‘assisted suicide’ bill. Only people who need it would use it, no one else!

Well, at the beginning anyway. We have all heard about the death panels in our new health care system. It is coming and don’t be surprised when it arrives in about 5-10 years. Go to a Doctor today and they will ask and document: Do you now or in the past smoke, do you now or in the past do illegal drugs, do you now or have you ever had a gun, etc…?

SLOBIRD says:”We have all heard about the death panels in our new health care system.”

Only the made up rumours being spread. Doctors have been asking me if I smoke for decades, never once did anyone ask about guns.

Why are you spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt?

Last time I looked you didn’t need permission to commit suicide. You just do it. Too many laws already.

They should just cut to the chase an outlaw humans in this stupid state. Let’s start with the morons proposing new laws.

“cut in half the use of gasoline to fuel cars within 15 years” ? Seriously? How would this be enforced? If someone moves here, are they not allowed to bring their car? What about poor people who can’t afford new fuel efficient cars? Are we going to have the “fuel police” telling us, you used up your gas allowance, sorry! Or will they only allow gas stations to sell a certain amount of fuel each month, then no more until the first of the next month? Will people simply not bother to register their cars so they are below the radar for this? What a disaster!

womanwhohasbeenthere says:”How would this be enforced?” “fuel police” “gas allowance” “not bother to register” “What a disaster!”

What disaster? None of that happened, there are no fuel police. Why are you spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt?

Hmm you must be to young to remember gas lines of the 70’s? Yea rationing can and has happened. Oh little thing like copper and rubber in WWII. Sorry don’t mean to confuse you with facts.

LOL the facts, yes I remember the 70’s, oh 70 years ago why stop there?

There was no peak oil, another huge oil and gas field was discovered last week, there is no shortage. there will not be ration books, put the kool aid down.

It’s propaganda by the Western States Petroleum Association!

“But a centerpiece of California’s long-term campaign against emissions — legislation requiring a 50 percent reduction in petroleum use by Jan. 1, 2030 — The legislation faces an onslaught by the Western States Petroleum Association and other oil industry advocates that, in ads and mailings, assert that a 50 percent cut in petroleum use could result in gas rationing and a ban on minivans.

“This law will limit how often we can drive our own cars,” a narrator in one advertisement says urgently”

“It’s a shameless effort to maintain their revenue stream — regardless of what the impact is on everyone else. There is no rationing in the bill. Read it. None.””

The price of oil has dropped a lot in the past year, has your gas price gone down? No because of the Western States Petroleum Association!

Follow the money, not the fud or get fooled again, your choice.

Nice spin. Totally gloss over your lies. You said that there has been no rationing. I stated it has happened and two examples. I’m not arguing if there was or wasn’t enough oil You have been running around all over this post saying it hasn’t happened. It is o.k. to say you are wrong.

If I was a smoker in this State, I would go to an Indian Reservation, Casino, etc. or cross the state line and buy my cigarettes. I would never give California tax money on cigarettes since cigarettes are legal (I don’t like it either, but it is just like guns, liquor, etc. and it is all legal). California liberals will NEVER get enough money to spend. Currently in this session, a sampling at what the legislators are proposing are: a new vehicle tax of $.65 per vehicle annually, $.06 gas tax increase, $.11 diesel tax increase, $8 monthly insurance premium fee (to pay for the MediCal Program for the illegal children – we already will see the Federal Insurance Tax next year), etc. etc. etc Just keep voting for the liberal demobrats and TAXES TAXES TAXES and REGULATIONS!

I thought smoking cigarettes was considered assisted suicide? No?

So are you suggesting we should be taxed for assisted suicide too? Why not!

Yes SLOBIRD you have made it clear that you want all of the benefits of citizenry but avoid any and all personal responsibility to pay for it.

“liberal demobrats and TAXES TAXES TAXES” Hows that anti tax plan working out for Kansas and it’s citizens?

Plenty of room and lot’s of guns in Arizona >>>>

No we will all be given a ration book to buy fuel. When we have used our quota for the month…. we’ll all be walking.

Assisted suicide, wasn’t there a doctor sent to jail for assisted suicide. I guess it’s OK if it’s Government approved.

“we will all be given a ration book to buy fuel” No, not going to happen in our lifetime or our children’s lifetime.

Anyone who is saying this is being fooled, share your source or do we have to subscribe to a newsletter $$$?