Early and extra raises for Lucia Mar teachers

September 17, 2015

Lucia Mar Teachers AssociationLucia Mar Unified School District teachers have received another raise, as well as an expedited pay increase, just months after securing an agreement that would bump their pay by 6 percent.

On Tuesday, the district’s school board approved a 4 percent raise for teachers that is retroactive to July 1, according to the Lucia Mar teachers union. The teachers were previously slated to receive a 3 percent raise on Jan 1, 2016. The board increased that raise by 1 percent and made it retroactive.

Likewise, the board approved a raise for unrepresented employees and management, according to the Lucia Mar Teachers Association. The union referred to the pay increase for management as a “me too.”

In addition to the increased and expedited pay raise, the teachers will also receive a 15.3 percent increase in their benefits cap, according to the union. The board raised the teachers’ benefit cap to $10,000.

The Tribune reported the pay raises for the teachers are expected to cost the district an additional $2.03 million during the 2015-2016 school year and an additional $1.37 million in 2016-2017 and 2017-2018. The reported reason for the agreement is an unexpected increase in state funding for K-12 education that appeared in the California budget for the current fiscal year.

In a statement about the pay increases, the teachers association criticized Lucia Mar’s former superintendent, as well as critics of the union.

“It goes without saying that this would not have happened under the prior superintendent. We hope that those administrators and others who were critical of the courageous efforts and hard work of LMUTA members and our supporters last year will reconsider their opposition while they are enjoying their raise,” a union statement said.

Earlier this year, district administrators and the union averted a strike and ended an eight-month standoff by agreeing to two 3 percent raises for the teachers. The first took effect immediately and the second raise is now in effect as a 4 percent pay increase, as approved by the board Tuesday.

Lucia Mar teachers previously received a 2 percent raise in 2012-2013 and a 4.3 percent bump in pay in 2013-2014.

Shortly after Lucia Mar averted a strike, then-superintendent Jim Hogeboom announced he was taking a job as a superintendent in Marin County.


Does anyone out there know how much the average High School teacher makes now? Just curious.Are they already making pretty good money per year/hr considering they vacation three months out of the year?


It is too bad that there is not a “students” union, instead of a teachers union. And the union benefitted the students instead of the teachers.


Sorry but we have too many unions as it is, if you are going that route how about a taxpayers union, taxes can not be raised unless approved by the union and sorry corporations and PACs are NOT people


This is why teachers favor higher taxes and bigger government. That is why your kids favor higher taxes and bigger government.


Most unions are great.

I bet the Engineers laid off from Disney wish they had a Union to protect them from the H1-B Visa workers that were brought in to take their jobs. I bet they were really happy to train them too!!


In a lot of the colleges that advertise their credentialed teaching programs–they have a new term they are using called “teacher drought”. That may end, however, if students continue to recognize that despite the rigorous educational training and licensure procedures–there is a decent salary and some good benefits at the end of the road.

And remember: You wouldn’t be reading this–if it weren’t for a teacher!


what if your mother taught you to read?


And it’s in english to boot! – Thank a Soldier.


did i see the word UNION in there ?