Man accused of sexual assault in SLO bathroom takes plea

September 9, 2015
Manuel Reyes Luevano

Manuel Reyes Luevano

Prosecutors have reached a plea agreement with a man who allegedly lured a developmentally disabled teen into a San Luis Obispo restroom and attempted to rape her. [Tribune]

Manuel Reyes Luevano, 48, allegedly forced the 17-year-old girl to perform oral sex while he trapped her inside a downtown bathroom last December. Luevano faced charges of forced oral copulation, kidnapping, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

But, prosecutors dropped those charges, and Luevano pleaded no contest to a single felony count of assault on a minor with intent to commit a felony. He still faces faces up to 23 years in prison.

Luevano must serve at least 85 percent of the sentence before becoming eligible for parole. His conviction carries two enhancements because he has two prior offenses, including one strike.

If Luevano is paroled, he will have to re-register as a sex offender.

On Dec. 28, the developmentally disabled girl became separated from her family while shopping in downtown San Luis Obispo. She approached Luevano and asked him for directions.

At the time, Luevano was sitting on a bench n the 1200 block of Morro Street. He then forced the teen into a public restroom aside the parking structure on Morro Street and locked the door, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

While in the bathroom, Luevano sexually assaulted the teen for several minutes before she managed to push him away and escape.

Luevano’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 19.


Every story like this one moves Donald Trump another thousand or so votes closer to the White House. Wouldn’t it be amazing if he could actually win California? That might send a message to the federal government about continuing to give this country away.


Poor girl. Asking for help and gets this instead. I’ve always told my kids to ask a mom for help if they are ever lost.


Why plea anything down if it appears so slam dunk?

Why do we assume he is a citizen when we have between 30 and 35 million illegal immigrants in our country?

Google the GAO Report on illegal immigrant crime, the numbers are quite high.


Scapegoat futures are ready to rise on the wave of FUD vulgarians profit.


The only upside to this sentence is that at 48 years old, he will most likely be pushing 70 years old before he gets out and ideally unlikely to be in good health to cause further harm to society. Then again, leaving it up to chance is not the greatest option…and I can only hope prison is his final “home”.


Soon Luevano will be locked in a small room with someone who may want the same from him that he subjected that poor girl to.

It is impossible for me to muster any sympathy for this animal.


The Tribune has described Luevano as a transient with no home city. Yet he was convicted of previous crimes, so where were these other crimes committed? Where did he grow UP? Although I suspect he is a US citizen, it still should be acknowledged as to where he came from. We actually need to know more about the criminals among us and why they are in SLO as transients.


I read that there is an estimated 3,000 homeless men in San Luis Obispo right now. Part of the structure and fabric of our society is that we live along side one another and know one another. This is how we feel safe for ourselves and our children. As things stand now, I will not even walk alone at night anywhere near downtown SLO. The homeless are aggressive in asking for money–and menacing when they do not get it. I am an older woman, but still am subject to unsavory remarks. I believe there are many homeless in our town right now who are mentally ill and who likely have a criminal history. There is no way to know for certain whom we are dealing with. They prey on one another also. There was a sexual assault between two homeless men in the bushes outside my home last October. This town is on a major downslide.



Apparently because he didn’t have a chance to kill her the prosecution thinks he should have a second chance to do so later in life.

Forced oral copulation, kidnapping, sexual battery and false imprisonment reduced to a single felony count of assault on a minor with “intent” to commit a felony?

Intent? He committed oral copulation. Apparently, he didn’t intend to.

Again, as in every single case the SLO DA takes the easy way out. Is there one case the DA has not pleaded down?

If (when) Luevano is paroled, he will have to re-register as a sex offender.

That’s right folks, RE-REGISTER. Because registering the first time was such a deterrent? Another revolving door slimeball to be released in the future. How many chances do we give scum like this? SLO(W) DA need to go! Catch and release, Job security at its finest.


I could not agree more. Typically the DA loads up charges so he can drop some in a plea bargain. But this is so bad, I don’t understand why there was a plea bargain. Even if sentenced to 25 years, he’ll be out in a lot less for good behavior OR sent to the county jail as part of “realignment.” . It could have been three strikes and he’s be in forever – or deported and jailed in Mexico if not a citizen – I’m sure they wouldn’t want him running around loose either.


No plea agreement should have been offered. This is an insult to the justice system AND the victim.