SLO council to consider spice ban

September 1, 2015

spiceSan Luis Obispo police are recommending that the city council ban spice and other synthetic drugs that resemble marijuana.

The council will consider an ordinance banning the possession, sale and display of synthetic drugs at its meeting Tuesday evening. If the ordinance is adopted, violators could be punished with up to six months in county jail and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

The cities of Atascadero, Morro Bay and Paso Robles have already adopted ordinances banning spice and similar drugs. Last year, two children died in a car crash on Highway 1 in Cayucos in which  the responsible driver was allegedly high on spice.

Spice and other synthetic drugs, like bath salts, have been sold in smoke shops in San Luis Obispo. They are also sold over the Internet.

Users of bath salts experience a high similar to cocaine, according to police.

A staff reports states officers have contacted individuals in San Luis Obispo who have been in possession or under the influence of spice or bath salts. The proposed ordinance would give the police the ability to address this problem in the community, the staff report states.

If the council approves of the ordinance Tuesday, staff will bring back the proposed ban at an upcoming meeting for final approval.

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Once they legalize marijuana, nobody will want to smoke that Oriental naval lint anyway.

Lowry’s and McCormick hardest hit….