Stabbing prompts Cal Poly to probe fraternity

September 28, 2015

Cal Poly LargeCal Poly officials are investigating a fraternity that held a party associated with a stabbing that occurred near the San Luis Obispo campus earlier this month. [KSBY]

In the early morning of Sept. 18, Jay Hernandez, a 19-year-old Cuesta College student, allegedly stabbed a Cal Poly student and another Cuesta student following a fight at a fraternity party. The fight took place at a party hosted by Alpha Gamma Rho, which is now under investigation by the university.

Earlier in the night, an associate of Hernandez attempted to enter the fraternity party, but was turned away, according to San Luis Obispo police. Hernandez’s associate then started a physical fight at the party.

About 30 minutes later, Hernandez and his associate approached the victims on Foothill Boulevard. They started a fight with the victims, whom Hernandez then stabbed in their upper torsos, according to police.

Cal Poly spokesman Matt Lazier said the university is working with police to investigate the incident.

Alpha Gamma Rho is currently on social probation due to a previous incident. Greek Life administrators are now determining whether students violated fraternity conduct on the night of the stabbing.

The fraternity must suspend all activities during the investigation.

San Luis Obispo police have not identified the alleged accomplice in the stabbing. Hernandez turned himself in to the Tulare County Jail after becoming aware of a warrant for his arrest.

Both Hernandez and the accomplice are believed to be from the Central Valley. Hernandez had been living in San Luis Obispo while attending Cuesta College, according to his Facebook page.

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irrelevant & prejudicial

If the university said that it was investigating the incident, that would be understandable. But they say they are investigating the entire fraternity. This normally means that they will interview each fraternity member, most of whom were probably unaware that someone had been turned away at the door, and then started a fight.

Looks like a witch hunt to me.

Besides, I thought Cal Poly wanted to contain the parties and didn’t want fraternities inviting everyone in town to just drop by.

“What do you intend to do sir? Delta’s already on probation.” “They are?” “Yes sir.” “Oh. Well as of this moment they’re on double secret probation!” ” ‘Double secret’ probation sir?”

This is why the President of the University is paid so much…to keep this stuff quiet.

Why are all the thumbs up or thumbs down missing at the bottom of the post?

Thumbs up.. Was thinking the same thing.

Hi, the voting code had a issue/bug with our new web hosting environment and had to be temporarily disabled. Revised voting code is being worked on and the feature will return soon ™.

Good grief, Cal Poly. Another bungling decision.

Matt Lazier: If someone attempts to enter your house uninvited and you are assaulted, I wonder if SLOPD will investigate YOU as well?

You should investigate the people who committed the crime, not the fraternity that hosted a party!

The people who committed the crime apparently have no connection to the University. The fraternity does.

Isn’t it prudent for the University to investigate how they were turned away from the party, meaning were they physically thrown out on to the lawn or threatened?

I tangled with frat boys many times during college (often when at their parties having been invited). They had a group mentality that they used to try and intimidate.

If the frat was already on social probation, that means they weren’t supposed to be having parties. Seems plenty of reason to “investigate,” whatever that may mean.