Bailiff arrests state attorney in SLO courtroom

October 23, 2015
Attorney General Kamala Harris

Attorney General Kamala Harris


Following a spat between two attorneys arguing a case in a San Luis Obispo courtroom, a bailiff arrested a state attorney for resisting or obstructing a peace officer, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Executive Officer Susan Matherly confirmed.

For more than a week, California Deputy Attorney General Jennie Mariah Kelly had been representing the state in a wrongful termination lawsuit against the California Men’s Colony and Atascadero State Hospital. During the case, Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera admonished Kelly several times about her courtroom demeanor.

On Tuesday, LaBarbera called a 15 minute recess, dismissed the jury and left the courtroom. Kelly then began shouting at opposing counsel, Timothy V. Magill, and acted unprofessionally, according to a report provided to the court.

The deputy then ordered Kelly to leave the courtroom. After Kelly allegedly refused, the bailiff attempted to lead Kelly into the hallway.

Kelly actively resisted at which time the deputy arrested Kelly for resisting or obstructing a peace officer.

LaBarbera canceled court for the remainder of Tuesday, though Kelly was back in court defending the state on Wednesday. The trial is ongoing.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is planning to forward the case to the District Attorney’s Office early next week to determine if the case will be prosecuted.

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California state employees, quite obviously, rule the roost. A neighbor is a CalTrans employee who is the epitome of self-aggrandizement. Nothing is off limits. Rules are made to be broken–without exception.


What is one attorney in jail?

A good start…

Jorge Estrada

Rules are rules, even for a State Attorney.


Barry LaBarbera is a conniving, crooked, judge just as he was a crooked D.A. Chances are good that he just made a huge mistake. These state attorneys know what they are doing and they don’t just “misbehave” unless they know damn sure that they will have the state behind them.


LaBarbera wasn’t even in the room when the deputy arrested the attorney. State attorneys used to know what they were doing, but under the scandal ridden Kamala Harris, especially if hired by Harris, may not be up to past standards.


Of course he wasn’t in the room. You think the bailiff acted on his own? Your response is purely partisan.


This is my problem with CCN….why a picture of Kamala Harris? She isn’t trying the case. You guys keep shooting yourselves in the foot.


All newspapers do things like this all the time.




Because THIS is where approval for bullying behavior by state attorney is coming from.

Just wait. Kamala & Brown’s Socialism will be bureaucrat heaven, citizen hell.


And just where, pray tell, did you learn where “bulling behavior” is coming from? You can point to a document, I assume?

BTW: please educate yourself, you do not know what Socialism is…


If she spent the night in jail, do the taxpayers still have to pay her per diem to her ?


Book ’em, Dano!


Let me guess, it will all be swept under the rug.


So why are we looking at a photo of Kamala Harris, inquiring minds want to know


Because she is hot!


Because CalCoastNews is trying to create a false impression to discredit Kamala Harris?

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