Bailiff arrests state attorney in SLO courtroom

October 23, 2015
Attorney General Kamala Harris

Attorney General Kamala Harris


Following a spat between two attorneys arguing a case in a San Luis Obispo courtroom, a bailiff arrested a state attorney for resisting or obstructing a peace officer, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Executive Officer Susan Matherly confirmed.

For more than a week, California Deputy Attorney General Jennie Mariah Kelly had been representing the state in a wrongful termination lawsuit against the California Men’s Colony and Atascadero State Hospital. During the case, Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera admonished Kelly several times about her courtroom demeanor.

On Tuesday, LaBarbera called a 15 minute recess, dismissed the jury and left the courtroom. Kelly then began shouting at opposing counsel, Timothy V. Magill, and acted unprofessionally, according to a report provided to the court.

The deputy then ordered Kelly to leave the courtroom. After Kelly allegedly refused, the bailiff attempted to lead Kelly into the hallway.

Kelly actively resisted at which time the deputy arrested Kelly for resisting or obstructing a peace officer.

LaBarbera canceled court for the remainder of Tuesday, though Kelly was back in court defending the state on Wednesday. The trial is ongoing.

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is planning to forward the case to the District Attorney’s Office early next week to determine if the case will be prosecuted.

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Kamala Harris is our next US senator, no matter what the Teatards will try.

California is not Dumbrepubefuggistan, despite what the fascist-Republicans think.

If you don’t like civilization, Repubes, then move.

paul spector

When I was fired for reporting patient abuse, the State used false testimony, threatened my witnesses and should have gone to jail. What is the real story here? What are they covering up? Was the truth getting out? Why are there no details on who is suing and exactly what they did to her? I worked at California Mens Collony, run by sociopaths and drug gangs. Abuse, both sexual and physical is common, reporting crimes gets you fired or worse. CDCR eats up over 15% of Ca’s budget and produces hardened criminals, the rehabilitation part a joke. What is the real reason behind this arrest?


As part of her sentence the judge should order her to make a sammich for the baliff every day for a month.


Leading this story with a photo of California State Attorney General Kamala Harris – who is never even mentioned in the article – is odd and possible political as Harris has declared her candidacy for U.S. Senate. Someone not reading the article – and the headline not being specific that it was a DEPUTY attorney general – is misleading and wrong.


Move on folks. Nothing to see here.

Everybody knows the courts in SLO County are rigged in favor of the highest bidder,(AKA the “Ol Boy Clique”).

Everybody knows the State Attorney General is also corrupt.


So this “Insiderwhoknows” that posted above is obviously Jennie, right? I feel like the only “idiot” in this situation is the geriatric deputy attorney general that has to resort to unprofessional courtroom antics rather than doing her job. Which is, I’m sure, all the bailiff was trying to do. If you are smart enough to make it through law school, you should be smart enough to respect an officer of the court when they are telling you to simmer down. seems like she got what she deserved, although I doubt it was an “attack” as she is claiming in the comment above – otherwise the bailiff would be the one that was arrested.


The TOO YOUNG unskilled and unprofessional deputy who ATTATCKED a 49 year old female attorney who was sitting down when attatcked should be removed from the force. All of you who were not there and believe this tripe are as gullible as the idiots who printed it. When this idot with a badge gets out into the world as a traffic officer or some position with more power, you residents of SLO are in for some more heavy handed police interaction. Wait until it is your turn to have him overreact and injure you…..


The judge could have found her in contempt but held back.

She was busted NOT because she was black but she was behaving like a typical Ng regardless of how painted up in fashion and glamour she appears.

Some cops are a problem too but your gullible to the opposite manipulation and need to wake up.



Not about your Peeve

Not about viewers being gullible

Its her behavior, no matter how pretty she looks


The Deputy Attorney General is not black. She is white. The photo is of California’s Deputy Attorney General, Kamala Harris. Before turning this into a race issue, know the facts. The news article’s use of Harris’ photo is misleading.


I think you are misinterpeting the article and the response. We know who is the problem here – the bailiff and the judge.


Just watched the video. Looks as though this attorney was standing, not sitting, and was waving her hands around disobeying the instruction of the bailiff. You can see three separate times she was told to stop before any action was taken. Maybe you’re calling the wrong person unskilled and unprofessional. Hopefully the DA takes a stand against this nonsense. Politicians can’t come into our courts and get away with disrespecting and disobeying the precedents set by our judges.

Mr. Holly

Let’s move on to the next story, this one was over at the moment it started. There will nothing more done regarding this misbehavior.