Caregiver cops to stealing gold from elderly SLO couple

October 16, 2015
Gallagher Daniel Persson

Gallagher Daniel Persson

A former in-home caregiver accused of stealing nearly $50,000 worth of valuables from an elderly San Luis Obispo couple has pleaded no contest to the offense. [Tribune]

Los Osos resident Gallagher Daniel Persson, 35, allegedly stole numerous gold and silver coins, as well as antique silver serving utensils from the couple. Perrson received more than $47,000 from pawning the items, according to San Luis Obispo police.

Additionally, officers searched Persson’s home and found about $15,000 in other property he stole from the couple, police say. The thefts are believed to have occurred between October 2013 and September 2014.

On Thursday, Perrson pleaded no contest to a felony count of theft by a caretaker of more than $400. He also pleaded no contest to an enhancement for previously being convicted of robbery.

Persson entered the plead less than one week before his trial was scheduled to begin.

Following the plea, Persson faces a maximum sentence of two years, However, the sentence could double because of the prior conviction.

But, Persson could also receive a sentence of formal probation with no jail time.

Officers arrested Perrson on Nov. 14, 2014. At the time, he worked for Senior Helpers of San Luis Obispo.

The company is an in-home caregiver based in Atascadero. Senior Helpers fired Perrson after his arrest and was not subjected to any regulatory action.

The investigation into Persson began when Atascadero detectives discovered several receipts for gold and silver sales that listed him as the seller.

Persson’s sentencing is scheduled for Dec. 10.

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What a scumbag !

His ’employers’ should also be liable for the difference between what scumbag pawned the valuables for and their actual worth.

We might not be able to put the moneygrubbers in jail, but at least hit them in the wallet !

Beware of “senior care” advertising offering “your free guide to senior care”. These are parasites co-opting government programs and taking kick backs from the facilities they steer their victims to.

Listening for an ad for “Always Best Care” on the radio as I wrote the post. A franchise looking for 25 new partners to profit in this lucrative and “explosive” industry. I also go ballistic when I hear “Hello, this is Charmaine” on the radio. I’ve witnessed her trolling in hospitals.

The entitlement mentality that has been created by government is destroying the fabric of this country. Why do you deserve that more than me? You don’t, therefore I can take it.

We need to reverse course now,

Yeah …I’ve heard that before.

Your ‘entitlement’ is “ME first” , all othesr can go FT.

The ‘freedom’ and ‘entitlement’ of totalitarian libertarianism always ends …and always ends poorly.

DId SENIOR HELPERS not do a back round check before hiring this person? I think someone needs to look into who they hire. Mostly if this guy had a prior conviction.

He does not look like the type of person I would want as a caretaker….