Deputies chase stolen U-Haul near San Simeon

November 16, 2015

police chaseA person driving a stolen U-Haul fled Sunday night from San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies before crashing the truck near Ragged Point. [KSBY]

On Sunday evening, sheriff’s officials received multiple reports of a U-Haul driving erratically. Deputies spotted the U-Haul speeding on Highway 1 near the elephant seal area around 10:20 p.m., and the chase began.

Authorities pursued the U-Haul for about 10 minutes until the driver lost control of the vehicle at a corner and crashed.

Deputies took the driver into custody. The U-Haul had an Arizona license plate.

The sheriff’s office has not released the identity of the suspect.

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luckily no one was killed by the sheriff escalating the situation.

They say nothing handles like a rental, maybe they’re wrong.

It’s always a smart idea to commit a crime and head to the coast…pure genius.

Nothing quite like drawing attention to yourself after you’ve stolen a U-Haul. Thankfully, the hot pursuit didn’t cause a more serious accident involving an innocent/uninvolved party!