Did Lou Tornatzky curse at the public after pledging civility?

November 28, 2015

Los Osos Community Services District Director Lou Tornatzky


Shortly after agreeing to the League of Women Voters’ civility pledge, Los Osos Community Services District Board member Lou Tornatzky mouthed a slur at an audience member, video shows.

On Nov. 5, the Los Osos board heard a presentation from the League of Women Voters and then adopted a resolution on civility and civil discourse at public meetings. Later in the meeting, during directors’ comments, Tornatzky applauded the resolution and then ranted at the public for their criticisms of district staff and officials.

“I also saw the back and forth of our interaction here falling back into something that was really kind of crummy — people prefacing their comments with some slam for the manager or the directors or whomever,” Tornatzky said.

Tornatzky then paused, pointed at an audience member, raised his fist and mouthed a slur. Audience members said Tornatzky mouthed the words f*** you.

Tornatzky has regularly voiced support for Kathy Kivley, the district’s general manager, and disapproval for members of the public who question Kivley’s management of the district. In response to public commenters asking for Kivley’s firing, Tornatzky often responds angrily.

Los Osos CSD meetings have long been contentious. The tension at meetings has increased recently as Kivley has come under fire for allegedly misappropriating district funds.

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Plain and simple, politics is a dirty business. All of these people agreed to this civility pledge while at a public meeting for PR purposes. As soon as they leave the meeting, and especially now with elections in the future, they will start their dirty work behind the scenes.

Then while in the public they will smile and tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get your vote.

A real person will act in a civil manner without having to take a pledge. Prime example, our boy on the BOS Adam Hill.

He looks like an old friend Nikta with I will bury you speech. I know where we should bury him we had a brand new s..t hole being built.

where is his mustache?

Quote from Supervisor Carpenter, “Our county prides itself on quality leaders where integrity is derived from conduct…..and not voting records.” That’s a good one.

Sorry, I meant Councilman Carpenter.

Council members are defined by their votes, when they have to perform on specific issues.

Any politician can shovel a bunch of horse$hit during elections…it is how they perform afterwards that proves the worth of the person.

Gee, I wonder who the audience member was and what SHE said. It’s hard to be civil in an environment filled with obstructionists, pseudo community activists, and losers.

but there has to be board members right?

It doesn’t matter WHAT the public says, those at the dais are there to listen to input from their community.

They’re not there to lash out.

No one likes a bully, ask Ferrara.

We have some real winners here in SLO county with this guy and Herr Hill

Add Mary Lucey to the list.

This is the Los Osos version of Adam Hill on steroids. Between him and his wife the meetings are starting to remind me of the old days.You have to look far and wide to find a more arrogant and mean spirited ass. Where do we find em?? I have never heard him say anything intelligent or constructive….maybe that’s because he can’t even remember to turn on his microphone. Please Chuck Cesena, don’t turn his mike on for him anymore!! I want to see if he can figure out how to do it himself. I love how his wife always positions herself so that she is always the last on to speak during public comment. They remind me of Trump at times…entertaining, but at times disgusting.

More Los Angeles folks moving to the area and think they now it all!

At least LA folks aren’t from Jersey like a certain schmuck.

Cursing, usually reserved for the left, is a sign of one with a limited vocabulary and poor argument skills.

What an asinine statement:

” Cursing, usually reserved for the left”…

Oh give me break….As if conservatives were more civil; cons SPIT on people they disagree with:



Words are just that: words. The importance and/or negative nature by the listener is the responsibility of the person who hears/reads the words.

There is the possibility he has a neurocognitive disorder, such as Alzheimer’s. This is typical behavior for that sort of disorder. If this is the case, however, he must be removed from his position. The public cannot have someone in charge of such matters with rampant, fluctuating emotions and a mind that is unable to make sound, rational decisions. On the flip side, this reminds me of an Indie movie, where someone at the city hall or in a position such as this one–is not quite coherent enough to keep the job, but people let him anyway. The humor comes from everyone tip-toeing around the behavior and acting like it is normal. Which is pretty much behavior that is par for the course in our society.

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