Did Lou Tornatzky curse at the public after pledging civility?

November 28, 2015

Los Osos Community Services District Director Lou Tornatzky


Shortly after agreeing to the League of Women Voters’ civility pledge, Los Osos Community Services District Board member Lou Tornatzky mouthed a slur at an audience member, video shows.

On Nov. 5, the Los Osos board heard a presentation from the League of Women Voters and then adopted a resolution on civility and civil discourse at public meetings. Later in the meeting, during directors’ comments, Tornatzky applauded the resolution and then ranted at the public for their criticisms of district staff and officials.

“I also saw the back and forth of our interaction here falling back into something that was really kind of crummy — people prefacing their comments with some slam for the manager or the directors or whomever,” Tornatzky said.

Tornatzky then paused, pointed at an audience member, raised his fist and mouthed a slur. Audience members said Tornatzky mouthed the words f*** you.

Tornatzky has regularly voiced support for Kathy Kivley, the district’s general manager, and disapproval for members of the public who question Kivley’s management of the district. In response to public commenters asking for Kivley’s firing, Tornatzky often responds angrily.

Los Osos CSD meetings have long been contentious. The tension at meetings has increased recently as Kivley has come under fire for allegedly misappropriating district funds.

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The gentleman doesn’t have control of himself. The moaning growl he emits is really frightening evidence. His action constitutes “fighting words”. Doing this in front of a police officer would more than likely land you on the ground. The chair, who is very weak here, should have called him to order.

If Tornatzky had any real mojo he would have just said it, but as MaryMalone said, he’s really only a coward.

Also, it’s pretty humorous that he does this while wearing the League’s “I (heart) Civil Discourse” pin! What a hypocrite! He doesn’t love civility—he likes the idea of silencing opposition under the false flag of “civility”. Civil discourse does not equal censorship. Civil discourse can include harsh criticisms (which are everyone’s right).

Tornatzky clearly doesn’t have the temperament to serve the public in this capacity. It’s apparent he really ACTUALLY believes the public doesn’t have a right to criticize government or its officers and employees. His inability to control himself has only painted a target on himself. Wonder what he’ll do next time.

This episode isn’t the first time Lou has used profanity at a csd meeting.

Can anyone imagine what a bully he must have been to his students?

I also think his attitude has a lot to do with his lovely wife losing her bid for csd director, and now Lou is doing his best to retaliate.against Los Osos.

What is most odd to me is her not commenting about this . The both of them have never met a any government body they did not love.

Kevin, this sort of behavior has been going on for years at LOCSD meetings. Look back through the archives, minutes, and videos and it will become quite clear that this is nothing new.

Decorum, civility, professionalism, and respect have been conspicuously missing not only by board members, but by members of the audiences as well.

Meeting night has always been amateur night.

I bet his Grandkids can’t wait to go visit “Grampa Crab Ass” on Christmas.

looks like a crazy goon…he said fuck you….LMFAO

QUOTING THE ARTICLE: “Tornatzky then paused, pointed at an audience member, raised his fist and mouthed a slur. Audience members said Tornatzky mouthed the words f*** you.”

Not only is Tornatzky a hypocrite, he is a coward and unable to man up and say the word). Clearly, he is not suitable for being on the BOD.

Lou looks like a “get-off-my-lawn” type of guy.

lol….his daughter is on team aaron ochs/adam shill……i actually heard aaron ochs is under the desk while this was going on….

Well there you go,

The company you keep says a lot about your character.

A poem I learned in elementary school:

“It was back in late October, when I was far from sober,

and attempting to sooth my manly pride…

When my feet began to stutter, so I lay down in the gutter.

Soon a pig came up and laid down by my side.

The pig was heard to say:

“You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses,”

And the pig got up and slowly walked away.”

Politicians are all fools. The only bigger fools are those who elect them.

A video example of a “know it all” boy, in a man’s body, having a tantrum.

“Dr. Louis Tornatzky has 40 years of research, management and consulting experience in the area of innovation and technological change.” Obviously, he thinks he knows it all and we are just stupid serfs.

Lynette Tornatzky Lou’s wife, ran for Director of Los Osos and lost and then we know her character as a political activist for Los Osos and a big supporters of Bruce Gibson and we known his tactics for civil accord and whoring around.

Birds of a feather fly together!

No, Lou is simply tired of all the B#!!$hit. Until such time as the sewer is completed, there will be plenty of that to go around…and then some.

I think being Lynette’s husband would make anyone cranky.