$10 minimum wage set to begin in California

December 30, 2015

moneyThe minimum wage in California will increase by $1 to $10 per hour on New Years. California and Massachusetts will become the first two states in the country to mandate a $10 minimum wage, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

In 2016, the minimum wage will increase in 14 states. Alaska will have the third highest minimum wage — $9.75 — among states, according to the NCSL.

Some states are expected to surpass California in coming years. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25.

In 2013, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that raised the minimum wage to $9 on July 1, 2014 and to $10 at the start of 2016. Prior to 2014, the last minimum wage increase in California occurred in 2008.

This year, the California Senate voted 23-15 in support of a bill that would raise the minimum wage to $11 in 2016 and $13 in 2017. But, the bill did not advance beyond a committee hearing in the Assembly.

Some cities in California have adopted ordinances that set a minimum wage higher than the state mandate. San Francisco’s minimum wage is due to increase to $15 by 2018, and Los Angeles’ minimum wage will rise to $15 by 2020.

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The politicians war on the middle class has been double-downed on because they completely conquered the lower class. In “war terms” the poor have been decimated, destroyed and shackled. Now it’s the middle class’ turn.

…and it ain’t just Democrats (though they’re usually the obvious ones to sane people).

As Adam Carolla once wrote (in a chapter called “We’ve Built A Minimum-Wage Gilded Cage.”):

“We deputized a bunch of minimum wagers and placed them in every guard shack, behind every counter, at every gate, and gave them carte blanche to fuck with us. We’re essentially prisoners in a penitentiary that we paid for.”

Welcome to the new world order… may I take your order?

Most small businesses I know of including myself have been paying $10 an hour as the base starting pay for years now. As for fast-food joints, In and Out has also. It has in my opinion the best quality and prices for what you get, so it is doable. Running a business is hard for sure and yes this will hurt those who were struggling to pay the old minim wage with the extra taxes added on. But if you are business minded you will figure it out. Otherwise we should have seen this coming when adults were scrambling to take jobs that have historically been held by teens and young adults and the reasons behind it. Protesting more to our political leaders, instead of sitting on our hands as it didn’t directly effect us. It will always find it’s way to everyone.


How is In and Out paying workers $10 an hour and their burgers are not $10? Isn’t that the argument?

They can keep it cheap because they crank out 7000 orders every 20 minutes and remain profitable due to volume and razor thin margins.

Do you actually believe that labor costs have no affect on price? Have you been to a dodgers game lately?

Unemployment is set to go up.

Inflation is set to go up.

Uh, so where did all the prior comments go?