Adam Hill shuns CAPSLO

December 9, 2015
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill quietly left the dais and disappeared from a board meeting Tuesday as his colleagues presented an award to the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) for the agency’s 50th anniversary. Hill never said why he left the meeting for about 30 minutes.

Hill was previously a leading proponent of CAPSLO. At that time, Hill failed to recuse himself on votes to provide millions in funding to CAPSLO, his significant other’s employer.

In 2014,  Hill turned on the organization after it demoted his wife, Dee Torres-Hill, from her position as CAPSLO’s director of homeless services.

In 2013, former and current CAPSLO employees said Torres-Hill had routinely taken gift cards intended for the needy and the homeless and made personal use of them. CAPSLO administrators denied most of the allegations against Torres-Hill and cleared her of wrongdoing.

But in March 2014, CAPSLO executives demoted Torres-Hill from her position as homeless services director and cut her pay. Hill responded by publicly chastising and threatening CAPSLO executives, and Torres-Hill later sued, claiming she was a whistleblower and the victim of retaliation.

CAPSLO and Torres-Hill quietly settled the lawsuit in October. They did not disclose the details of the settlement.

On Tuesday, the county board of supervisors adopted a resolution recognizing the celebration of CAPSLO’s 50th anniversary, as well as the agency’s “continuing valuable role within our community.”

Just after Supervisor Debbie Arnold finished reading the resolution, Hill left the dais and walked out of the board chambers. He did not shake the hand of CAPSLO CEO Biz Steinberg who was approaching the dais at the time.

Numerous other CAPSLO employees were also in attendance. They took photos with the four supervisors who remained.

Hill returned to the dais at the beginning of the next item.

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JB Bronson

CAP-SLO has had, and may still have serious integrity issues. Admin. gets paid well while the line staff are underpaid, thus the constant turnover, thus the delivery of mediocre services.

That said, Adam Hill is a perfect example of a classless public official who serves himself, and those who agree with him.

Like Dylan once sang, he just wants to be on the side that’s winning. Integrity means nothing.

Kaiser Bill

CAPSLO has always been a left wing front group anyway, regardless of Hill snubbing them.


“left wing front group”? What front?

So you think they are making “lefties” of all of the children?

If CAPSLO is a front group what is the group they are fronting for?

Kaiser Bill

Look up the people CAPSLO supports through its programs, and which party these groups overwhelmingly vote for.

CAPSLO is not some innocuous organization like the United Way or the Red Cross.

CAPSLO engages in social engineering at the local level.

It is no surprise that CAPSLO (formerly known as EOC, or Economic Opportunity Commission) dates from the LBJ era when social engineering and gibmedat handouts from the Federal Government became the norm.


You mean low-income people, primarily children under the age of 5 being supported with early childhood education? How sinister.

Kaiser Bill

I didn’t say that. Here is my comment again.

“Look up the people CAPSLO supports through its programs, and which party these groups overwhelmingly vote for.”

I have a feeling CAPSLO spends more money in certain communities, rather than say, Atascadero or Santa Margarita.


Let’s get rid of this SOB at the next election.


Anyone surprised? Maybe he was looking for Dan Carpenter


Hill probably had to step outside to take a call from Ryan Peteit.


Weird timing for an exit. Why didn’t he leave before the thing started?


Because he is Adam Hill. He got up and made a statement. He no longer supports this group because his honest, law abiding wife who took a payoff from Developer Grosman of $50,000 is the more honest working liberal here.

Hopefully he will be the first to check in at the Templeton Mental Center when it is built if he can wait that long on his meds without going over the edge.

We can sit back and watch in his election what dirty tricks he pulls off. Who he calls, the deceitful mailers, etc. This man is pure evil!


Because Hill wanted to make a point…a childish point, of course.


Angry Adam. How does a supervisor just storm off during a happy presentation? How does the Tribune just ignore rudeness?

Rich in MB

Diahreea episode maybe?


Wow. He just storms off! The video says it all. Debbie Arnold couldn’t be a better chair. Nice introduction she gave and Frank invited everyone in for the pictures. What is wrong with Adam? He slinks back in at the end.

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