Adam Hill shuns CAPSLO

December 9, 2015
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill quietly left the dais and disappeared from a board meeting Tuesday as his colleagues presented an award to the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) for the agency’s 50th anniversary. Hill never said why he left the meeting for about 30 minutes.

Hill was previously a leading proponent of CAPSLO. At that time, Hill failed to recuse himself on votes to provide millions in funding to CAPSLO, his significant other’s employer.

In 2014,  Hill turned on the organization after it demoted his wife, Dee Torres-Hill, from her position as CAPSLO’s director of homeless services.

In 2013, former and current CAPSLO employees said Torres-Hill had routinely taken gift cards intended for the needy and the homeless and made personal use of them. CAPSLO administrators denied most of the allegations against Torres-Hill and cleared her of wrongdoing.

But in March 2014, CAPSLO executives demoted Torres-Hill from her position as homeless services director and cut her pay. Hill responded by publicly chastising and threatening CAPSLO executives, and Torres-Hill later sued, claiming she was a whistleblower and the victim of retaliation.

CAPSLO and Torres-Hill quietly settled the lawsuit in October. They did not disclose the details of the settlement.

On Tuesday, the county board of supervisors adopted a resolution recognizing the celebration of CAPSLO’s 50th anniversary, as well as the agency’s “continuing valuable role within our community.”

Just after Supervisor Debbie Arnold finished reading the resolution, Hill left the dais and walked out of the board chambers. He did not shake the hand of CAPSLO CEO Biz Steinberg who was approaching the dais at the time.

Numerous other CAPSLO employees were also in attendance. They took photos with the four supervisors who remained.

Hill returned to the dais at the beginning of the next item.

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i would walk out on them too. what a shyt organization that mops up tax payer dollars through waste and exorbitant salaries/compensation for themselves. overheads are disgusting. giving to tv evangelists would provide a better return on dollars given.


Agreed. But I doubt Hill left because he has “come to Jesus” about this.


That picture pretty much says it all.

My guess is Dee Dee told him he better not show up in any picture with CAPSLO or he’s cut-off.

Skip Tracer

It will trip you out to find out that Adam Hill is also behind the Tenborg vs Cal Coast News lawsuit. Looking into it you find that Tenborg’s lawyer James Wagstaffe is old friends and business chums with the local “Team Adam Hill” and PG&E lawyers Marty Moroski and Steve Adamski. Wagstaffe is representing Tenborg pro bono. Tenborg is suing CCN for reporting that his company ECO Solutions illegally dumped PG&E’s hazardous waste. Tom Jones from PG&E is also “Team Adam Hill.” WTF? Are these guys for real?


PSA to the voters of San Luis Obispo:

Narcissists are unfit representatives in a democracy, for the following reasons:

1) A narcissist’s deep desire for personal attention is a distraction from serving the public, and ruins his or her ability to work collaboratively and semi-anonymously in a team.

2) The narcissist’s inherent elitism, their contempt for others, results in an absence of empathy for the public they are supposed to be representing.

3. A narcissist’s defensiveness, self-righteousness, and inability to accept criticism can lead them to curtail freedom of speech and freedom of the press to silence their opposition. Their “reaction to contrary viewpoints with anger”*** can lead to dictatorial demands that those who disagree with them should be silenced.


Do not vote for Adam Hill and help elect a non-narcissist to represent San Luis Obispo District 3 in 2016.


Slocalgal and scoopone – Agree that Herr Hill needs to leave District 3. No question. District 2, however, had opportunity to oust Herr Gibson but were mesmerized by his clever advertising and his “generosity” with County employees via unearned year-end bonuses. Now Herr Gibson is back for another protracted term. Herr Hill will join him if registered voters follow District 2’s precedent.

Kaiser Bill

Anybody who has spent time in the hippie haven of Los Osos is not surprised Gibson was returned by the voters of District 2. After all, he’s a “Progressive.”


Save your breath. The puppeteers at Dem Central have already decreed that Hill will get re-elected. The 3rd District sheeple will do as they are told, and Adam Hill will handily be re-elected.


Sad but true, the loyal democrat voters will obey their orders

Thomas A

It doesn’t take being a Republican or a Democrat to know that it is time to Dump Adam Hill.

what the

The photo says it all. “Duh, CAPSLO!?! They were supposed to look the other way when my poopie cakes Dee took whatever she wanted. This is a good time to step out and sniff some of this cheap coke that I stole from Dee’s purse.”


A complete waste of a perfectly good carbon unit!

Mike Byrd

The job for which a supervisor is paid is to represent the district constituents and the county as a whole. It is not to represent his own selfish biases and those of folks who give him money. Adam Hill has abdicated his responsibility as a county supervisor. This may be a lesser of his many transgressions but it serves as yet another reminder that he is unqualified and unsuited for the job.


Adam Hill is an embarrassment to the Central Coast. ewwww


As well as an insult.