Adam Hill shuns CAPSLO

December 9, 2015
Adam Hill

Adam Hill

San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill quietly left the dais and disappeared from a board meeting Tuesday as his colleagues presented an award to the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO) for the agency’s 50th anniversary. Hill never said why he left the meeting for about 30 minutes.

Hill was previously a leading proponent of CAPSLO. At that time, Hill failed to recuse himself on votes to provide millions in funding to CAPSLO, his significant other’s employer.

In 2014,  Hill turned on the organization after it demoted his wife, Dee Torres-Hill, from her position as CAPSLO’s director of homeless services.

In 2013, former and current CAPSLO employees said Torres-Hill had routinely taken gift cards intended for the needy and the homeless and made personal use of them. CAPSLO administrators denied most of the allegations against Torres-Hill and cleared her of wrongdoing.

But in March 2014, CAPSLO executives demoted Torres-Hill from her position as homeless services director and cut her pay. Hill responded by publicly chastising and threatening CAPSLO executives, and Torres-Hill later sued, claiming she was a whistleblower and the victim of retaliation.

CAPSLO and Torres-Hill quietly settled the lawsuit in October. They did not disclose the details of the settlement.

On Tuesday, the county board of supervisors adopted a resolution recognizing the celebration of CAPSLO’s 50th anniversary, as well as the agency’s “continuing valuable role within our community.”

Just after Supervisor Debbie Arnold finished reading the resolution, Hill left the dais and walked out of the board chambers. He did not shake the hand of CAPSLO CEO Biz Steinberg who was approaching the dais at the time.

Numerous other CAPSLO employees were also in attendance. They took photos with the four supervisors who remained.

Hill returned to the dais at the beginning of the next item.

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Heard A-Hill was trolling around AG the other evening…

Would someone please keep him in SLO?


Yes, please do we have our own trolls to deal with, a few city council members and a lifeless city manager.


Great description of Thompson.

Dead wo(men) don’t talk.


Thanks to people like Adam Hill and Jan Marx, The City of San Luis Obispo is uncontrollably spiraling in a cesspool of such uncanny greed and narcissism that is rapidly changing the “small town” atmosphere it once enjoyed.

Housing development should cease yet continues and now the increasing traffic congestion challenges the tempers of all it’s people. Progressive liberalism continues to take it’s toll and there is no end in sight.

Good luck, SLO.


Not to make excuses for little man, but maybe he needed to pinch a loaf.

eradicate ignorance

As he left the room Adam Hill could be heard saying, “I’m taking my ball and going home.”


I wonder how much money has been laundered from we the taxpayers into off shore accounts through the corruptible duo Hill and Torres-Hill.

What absolute Summer’s Eve Douchebags they are. But hey, you get who/what you vote for.

They are a microcosim of the Country, not to mention the World. Alinsky inspired progressives. The cancer that has brought down a once great Nation, and the reason why we all are currently in the beginning of the judgement and wrath of Almighty God.

Read Revelation in the Bible folks.


Why go to the Bible….just listen to Trump and all your conservative woes will be put to rest! You need God’s Blessing as much as the next guy bro!


You were doing fine until the “judgement and wrath” part. I remember you were supposed to float away during the moon in September? You were going on about how everything was going to be different.

Yet the world still goes on, same as it ever was.


Jerry Lenthall is looking pretty good about now, isn’t he? Wonder how Jerry feels…getting beat by Ass Hill.


ANYBODY is looking good compared to Mr. Bulldog.

Kaiser Bill

The argument from Hill was that Jerry was on the take from developers.

Since Hill is on the take from developers, at least we can say that Jerry had manners.


At least the “waste of skin” didn’t run his mouth on his way out to pout!


OK Adam, now is your chance…the floor is all yours. Explain why you walked out of the meeting just as the BOS was to recognize CAPSLO?

Please explain it in your own words. We are all anxiously waiting your response.

don the beachcomber

If you want to add some dignity, grace, intelligence, and class to the Board of Supervisors, elect Debbie Peterson, the candidate Adam fears the most!


Or…you simply get rid of Adam.


Be careful Pel, That could be misconstrued as a “terrorist threat”. :o)


And here I thought it was a simple solution that would benefit everyone.