Arroyo Grande leads in hip surgery mortality rates

December 22, 2015

Arroyo Grande Community HospitalArroyo Grande Community Medical Center had the highest rate of mortality in patients who underwent surgery following a hip fracture in California, according to a recently released report by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD).

In 2012 and 2013, 11 out of 94 — or 13.3 percent – of patients who underwent hip surgeries at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital died. At Centinela Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, none of the 82 hip surgery patients  died.

Statewide, nearly 5.4 percent of elderly patients who underwent surgery for hip fractures at California hospitals died within 30 days of admission, according to the OSHPD report. The report included information from 302 hospitals.

“Hip fracture is a serious and costly public health concern with approximately 20,000 hip fractures occurring each year in California,” OSHPD said in its report. “Because of California’s aging population, the burden of hip fracture is likely to grow in coming years.”


One of the reasons to leave the county when getting orthopedic surgery, we just don’t have it down here. Went to Stanford for both knee replacements and wasn’t more expensive and felt secure in clean hospitals and competent Doctors. It was easier than getting a regular Doctor visit than working with our name dropping hospitals.


People have different insurance policies that don’t provide the same coverage. Many of the patients are not in a fit state to travel long distances. They would have to be transported to Stanford in an ambulance if they had a broken hip and that would be dangerous on its own. There are a fair number of excellent orthopedic doctors and surgeons who work locally.


Yikes…I having hip replacement surgery next month….thankfully not a AG hospital.


Not the same thing. Hip fractures are far more medically sensitive than hip replacement.

Old Salt

Make sure they put you on Warfarin for 3 months…

In 2002 my 79 year old mother had a hip replacement and she did fine at Bishop Care Rehab.

After a month she was sent home without any blood thinners and died in the blink of an eye from a blood clot to the lungs.


Medical malpractice deaths are nine (9) times higher than all gun shot deaths combined. Registration of Doctors did not help, neither will registering Guns!


LOL at topper, even the NRA says it’s only 4 times higher, can we assume all of your stats are at 50% or less as stated? Then you left out other important details like “all gun shot deaths ” sure if you don’t include murder and suicide, whats left accidents?

“NRA’s accident facts

The Miami Herald article said NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer cited “statistics showing that medical mishaps kill more people than guns,” but did not cite the actual statistics. Hammer said she gave the Herald a one-page document called “Firearms Accidents Facts” compiled by the Unified Sportsmen of Florida in June 2010. The document compares accidental death by firearms to other types of accidents — from choking to tricycles — both nationally and in Florida. The Unified Sportsmen of Florida is the state’s affiliate of the NRA.

The fact-sheet includes comparisons to accidental deaths by “medical misadventures” — both in raw numbers and in rates per capita — but doesn’t specify the year. Medical misadventures, the handout says, “is a term used by some statisticians to cover ‘accidents’ by doctors and other medical personnel.” Note that this claim covers only gun accidents — it doesn’t include firearm deaths due to murder or suicide.”



ALL gun shot deaths VS: Malpractice

1) 12,775 + 200,000 Dec 2012

2) 12,000 195,000 Aug 2004

2000 Break down of Malpractice deaths (not just Doctors). The original article did not specify the cause of death so let me include this:

7,000 Medication errors in Hospital

12,000 Unnecessary Surgeries

20,000 Other errors in Hospitals

80,000 Infections in Hospitals

106,000 Negative effects of Drugs

I have owned and carried guns for 50 years and have never shot anyone nor have I been shot at (other than during service to my country). I have been filled full of anti-coagulants to the point of having a severe heart attack. I have had nurses, unable to find the correct prescription, google the name of the drug, do a spell check and administer the wrong drug. I had a doctor stitch up an incision while joking about their instructor sending them back to their dorm to practice hemming their pants. (The stitches did not hold – resulting in a large scar)

I am not saying that the medical field does not provide a valuable service, they do. Many, within the profession, do not care enough to do their best.

What do you call a student that gets a 60 on their final exam? Doctor


About the same odds as playing Russian Roulette with a revolver, huh?


apparently there isnt much dignity at dignity health.

Ben Daho

I have always believed that the Hip breaks and without a “Leg to stand on” they fall, where as almost all the people I discuss it with say “no, they fell and landed on their hip breaking it”

I don’t know a lot that have died though.


Whose doing these surgeries? Were they under the same surgeon’s care? Also, what are they succumbing to? I know several elderly people that have gone into AG’s care facility and ended up with C-diff that kept them there for extended periods and near death.


AG hospital is where you go to die, not receive decent healthcare, IMO.

That hospital has been the ugly step child of the three in the group, French, Marion and AG. When ever a new group takes over, nobody ever wants AG but they end up having to take the bad with the good.

They tried to bill for for charges that I was not responsible for. Tried talking to the billing dept, made no difference until I went in and talked to upper management. I showed them my EOB and what I had paid, and what the statement said I owed, and no where did it show the extra $371.00 they tried to get out of me.

I wonder how many people get the bill and just pay it?


OSHPD said in its report. “Because of California’s aging population, the burden of hip fracture is likely to grow in coming years.” The BURDEN of hip fracture?? Are they causing some type of undue pressure on your stock price or something?

Good reminder to go south if and when you take that fall!


Everyone’s health insurance rates increase when more claims are filed. In addition, some of these patients end up qualifying for MediCal benefits because they can’t afford Medicare supplemental insurance.

We all end up paying the costs of health care; one way or another.