Los Osos general manager’s days appear to be numbered

December 6, 2015
Kathy Kivley

Kathy Kivley


Following a review of Los Osos Community Services District General Manager Kathy Kivley’s performance and an investigation into misappropriation of funds, Kivley spoke with legal counsel and quickly left the Dec. 3 board meeting.

A CalCoastNews’s analysis of district payroll found Kivley has been collecting pay for more administrative leave days than her contract allows. She has also been receiving more holiday pay than her contract permits, documents show.

In addition, a recent audit of the district found Kivley engaged in questionable accounting practices during her first year on the job. San Luis Obispo County Auditor-Controller Jim Erb sent a letter to Los Osos board members saying the findings of the audit should be of great concern to them.

In October, the district board voted in closed session to hire Jim Gardiner to examine the allegations that Kivley misappropriated district funds.

Before the closed door session to review the audit, Director Louis Tornatzky’s wife, Lynette Tornatzky, blamed CalCoastNews and local activists for Kivley’s problems.

After the closed door session, district legal counsel Mike Sietz asked Kivley to speak to him at the back of the room. Kivley then grabbed her purse and left.

At the end of the meeting, Los Osos activist Julie Tacker, who first discovered the alleged financial wrongdoings, spoke with Seitz.

“Seitz told me that Gardiner had found the same financial irregularities that I had found,” Tacker said.

At the end of the closed session discussion over Gardiner’s report and Kivley’s performance, the board reported no action. It is expected the board will call for a special meeting in the next few weeks to finish the discussion into Kivley’s continued employment.

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Some of the local government employees seem to think they have the power to do whatever they want. Thank goodness CCN provides a voice for truth.

CCN and Julie Tacker both have worked to shine light on the ridiculous state of our local government, where many of those in power–instead of doing their job–use access to their agency’s funds to steal from the people who put them into office.

Lynette Tornatzky is a shill for Adam Hill and she uses Aaron Ochs to beat her pie plate. In my opinion and based on her posts,she is without a doubt, one of the most devious and dishonest people in the county

Isn’t her husband also on the board? As I recall, the Tornatzky’s have also had irregular issues at Cal Poly…

Lynnette is also a Paavo groupie.

“Woman with hoop earrings…”

Woman with hoop earrings and bad make-up should never be in charge of anything.

I bet she can’t even make a decent sammich.

With any luck, the next headline will be “Los Osos CSD’s days appear to be numbered.”

With lots of luck, I hope you are correct.

With the bunch in SLO County government, do you really think the Los Ososians would be better served by them?

If I had my choice to choose between Satan and the SLO County BOS to run the city where I live, I would choose Satan. At least you know what you are getting with Satan.

But those are not the choices MaryMalone, are they?

I’m not surprised.

I for one am grateful for Julie Tacker, CCN & anyone looking out for taxpayers. It seems the powers that be, either have their hands in the cookie jar or on someone else’s spouse. Government bleeds the working class while living large and lazy lives, never lacking excuses to raise our taxes. When the SLO police Captain is allowed to globe trot with his entire family, paid for by me, I’d at least like to be invited. If allegations are proven that Kivley misappropriated district funds then who will Lynette Tornatzky Blame? I nominate her husband Director Louis Tornatzky. On top of Kivleys padded paydays we are now footing the bill for yet another ( alleged ) crooked authority investigation. If Kivley is found guilty, she alone should be made to pay for the audit. FED UP! Keep digging CCN!

Woman with hoop earrings seen removing items from several cars in Morro Bay!

Tell me again why we hired her in the first place when she was fire from her old job? And does she have to pay us back when she goes?

At a minimum, deduct the over payments from her final check. That’s often how it happens in the private sector, but then again when it’s only rate(tax)payer money those in charge seem to have little regard to making sure the money isn’t stolen.

It has been evident for a long time that all was not up to par as far as Kathy Kivley having knowledge of Governmental accounting and absolutely no management skills. These are the reasons that she had been dismissed from many other Governmental agencies. This took a long time and a lot of time for some for this outcome to raise to the surface. I know personally that she is the biggest liar on the planet. She gets away with a lot because she convinces higher ups that she is so good at what she does. The truth is finally coming out. It is a shame that it took so long. She should have been gone a long time ago.

Look at all the damage that she has done. She has not presented one correct financial document for two years. But the higher ups let her keep on doing it and they approve these documents. She never should have been hired in the first place. Being fired from two other Governmental agencies should have given this board a clue as what she was. People do not change. She gets through life personally and professionally with one lie after another.

WHAT A MESS. The Tornatsky’s both believed her. She fed them so many lies.

PacoFR It seems to be a standing prerequisite for government officials having

questionable backgrounds to be hired. Morro Bay hired a new city manager while he was suing another city that changed their minds about hiring him. Disgraced Ex Arroyo Grande “hands on” manager Steve, just got hired in King City after a very nice paid vacation the city gave him after his drunken city hall tea party. It’s like whack a mole, they’re everywhere. Adding to idiocy are the padded loopholes in place, giving the offending ex employee big payouts for being fired. It takes a village for that to happen. The inner circle of politics looks out for their own. The Fox is always the best paid hen guard.

At long last, it may be over.

Lynette Tornatsky’s comments to the board were especially comical. She claimed CCN, for reporting, and Tom Salmon, Peggy Pavek and me, for writing opinion pieces about Kivley, was a “campaign” to get rid of Kivley.

There is no way holding Kivley accountable is a “campaign.” Kivley made a mess. It’s going to cost LOCSD a fortune to clean it up.

Furthermore, not CCN, Tom, Peggy or Julie took extra leave and holiday time than was allowed. Only Kivley could do that.

BTW, if not for the public record act, I never would have found that she was padding her paycheck. Many thanks to AJ Dury Bookkeeping for helping with the analysis!!!

A sure sign a public official, having been called out for fraud, is guilty is when they try to pull the “blame-the-messenger” tactic.

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