Man who stabbed girlfriend gets three-decade sentence

December 18, 2015
Brian Michael Rodriguez

Brian Michael Rodriguez

A man who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend at a home in Cambria has received a prison sentence of 31 years and eight months.

Brian Michael Rodriguez, 26, stabbed his pregnant girlfriend multiple times in July 2014 while the couple was visiting friends and Rodriguez was heavily intoxicated. Rodriguez previously stabbed her on four other occasions, leaving the victim with small wounds, prosecutors said.

On Oct. 16, a San Luis Obispo jury convicted Rodriguez of 22 felony and three misdemeanor charges. The convictions included attempted murder and mayhem charges.

The crimes occurred in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties in 2013 and 2014.

Rodriguez faced mandatory life sentences for two torture counts on which the jury acquitted him. The jury also denied one enhancement Rodriguez faced that, too, carried a mandatory life sentence.

Following the verdict, Rodriguez faced a maximum prison sentence of 35 years and two months.

On the night of the attack in Cambria, Rodriguez had been drinking beer throughout the evening.

He allegedly barged in on his girlfriend while she was in a restroom and attempted to urinate on her. But, she stopped him and caused him to urinate on himself.

Rodriguez then became angry, punched her in the head and face and called her a whore. Shortly later, Rodriguez threatened her with a knife and told her he was going to kill her. He cut her multiple times on the arm and once on the back.

During the trial, defense attorney Raymond Allen argued Rodriguez could not have committed attempted murder because he was in an alcohol-induced blackout. Allen said the combination of Rodriguez’s blackout and his underlying mental health issues precluded him from having the intent of a person who is guilty of attempted murder.

Rodriguez’s custody credits are limited to 15 percent.


Totally agree with Pelican1. The majority of us, who get up every day, go to work, raise

our families, and mostly do right – get the ‘God’ given privilege of paying thousands of

dollars for the imprisonment of DNA mistakes such as Rodriquez. Knowing full well that the chances of him seeing the ‘light’ and changing his ways are just slightly less than me

winning the lottery (w/o buying a ticket).

Somehow, someway, someday the justice system in this country must be adjusted to have a better way of handling these types of criminals.


This guy needs to be shipped to one of the for-profit prisons where he can earn his keep.


An excellent treatment plan for Antisocial Personality Disorder (aka, sociopath, psychopath). And the only method of treatment that actually works.


When and if this idiot ever gets out of jail will he ever be a productive member of society? Juice him now and be done with it.


Wow! Another fine, outstanding product of our society? And, as is most often the case,

his actions now are blamed on a poor, mistreated childhood, blah, blah, blah.

I believe there is no place in this country for him (or others like him). Hopefully, some other inmate (with no chance of ever getting out) will take the appropriate action and

resolve this issue.


After this horrific crime, we as taxpayers now have the privilege of paying his room and board for the next 30 years while he frolics with his fellow gang members in the joint…where is the justice?